How to Apply Supplier Costs to an Assembly

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Supplier costs can easily be added to an Assembly in Unleashed; this is useful when you need to have associated costs —from the supplier— added to your component products ready for you to sell.  These costs can include anything from services, processes to packaging costs etc.

Supplier costs that have been incurred can be added during the assembly process for your product.  This can be achieved easily, much like the way you enter costs for a purchases in Unleashed.

Note, however, that an assembled product must already be created in Unleashed before you can add any supplier costs to it.

Here is How

  1. From the Supplier Costs tab on the Add Assembly page, select your Supplier. Calculations such as tax are calculated automatically based on supplier settings for company defaults.
  2. Make sure you enter all other relevant information, such as Reference, Cost, and Comments.
    – These fields are the only editable fields available to you. If you are not satisfied with your entries, you can optionally delete the lines and start again.
    – You cannot add a line until you have chosen a supplier and have entered in your costs. If you have a foreign supplier, then you can edit the exchange rate on the line. It defaults to the currency rate in Unleashed, however, can be overwritten at line level.
  3. Click Add to add the assembly cost.

See Assembly Costs for more information.

The Add Assembly page used to add Supplier Costs.

Which industries might find this useful?

  • Vineyards, for example, where Unleashed is used to create and run a production run for winemaking. They also need to ability to add Supplier costs to their components.
  • Or a bicycle repair shop where bicycles are assembled, requiring supplier costs to be added to their component products.
  • Or beer brewers where Unleashed is used to create and run a production run for beer making. Brewers also need the ability to add Supplier costs to their components.

Workflow Example

Lisa owns a vineyard and wishes to use Unleashed to create and run a production run for her wine making. She needs to bulk manufacture her product. The production run would include important factors such as bottling, corking, and labelling a pallet of her wine. This bottling and labelling is done by a third party contractor. This means that the wine, bottle and labels are considered as the components.

Further, there might be a charge for bottling and labelling from that third party. So being able to enter these costs on an Assembly provides a better calculation of landed costs. It also makes it clearer what other costs are included when assembling a product.

This diagram demonstrates the wine making process and how Unleashed can be used during that process.


Note: Applying supplier costs to an assembly is presently only available on the Medium and Large Unleashed plans.

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