A New Tech Stack in 9 weeks: BioGaia’s Amazing Go-live with Unleashed

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Swedish healthcare company BioGaia came to Unleashed with a challenge: they wanted to go live with a new tech stack within 9 weeks – a system that had Unleashed at the core, multiple different eCommerce sales channels – both B2C and wholesale – plus connections to their 3PL partner and accounting platforms.

Could it be done? BioGaia has been researching and manufacturing probiotics since the 1990s, and was ready to branch out with a global direct to consumer model. But it was critical that the shift to a new, integrated inventory management software platform not disrupt their existing processes.

Three months down the track, Operations Manager Alexandre Goubaud says he couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

“Overall it was a smooth transition,” says Alexandre. “Our onboarding consultant Anna was really critical to helping us go live in such a short time frame and without any major problems.”

Alexandre opted for what Unleashed calls Flight Path B – a more intensive support package that Alexandre felt was right for BioGaia, given their time frames and dependencies. The changeover began with a full visualisation of the set-up process, before moving into a cadence of weekly synch meetings with Anna.

“When you implement new software there is always a bit of stress and nervousness,” says Alexandre. “But Anna provided great supervision over the whole process. She provided a step-by-step guide for what we needed to do, and how to go live quite quickly. She helped us with everything, from basically setting up the account, to integrating the different services, and which data we needed to import into the new system.”

“It made the entire process a lot clearer for us.”

After their successful go-live BioGaia transitioned over to the regular support team, who now help with any issues that might come up with operating their new tech stack. The system is now running nicely, and overall the new tech has made their whole operation much more streamlined.

Says Alexandre: “We have a lot of sales channels, so having one central system coordinating everything – from the logistics, through to the integration with the accounting software, and Shopify – I mean it makes it so much easier for us.”

“If any business is in the same situation as us – with different sales channels, both direct to consumer or even wholesale – and they’re using the services that are integrated with Unleashed – so Xero, for example, and a 3PL partner that can use the API to connect to Unleashed… then I think, yeah, Unleashed, it’s a really great tool for operations.”

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