10 Industries That Can Benefit From Cloud Software

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You may have come across the cloud as a common buzzword that is the must-have solution for business needs, from communication to data storage to application development. However, the cloud is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. Best solutions for using cloud software now account for the nuances of specific industries.

There are legitimate reasons behind the fact that many industries have been slow to adopt cloud software. For instance, day traders and health care practitioners may not have the freedom to move client records over to public cloud storage. Additionally, a business relying on outdated legacy software may face a difficult cloud integration process compared to a business with more agile software. Now, cloud software offer solutions that work to make the cloud a realistic and game-changing opportunity for all industries, working with the unique needs and desires of every company. Here are ten industries that can directly benefit from the right cloud computing solutions.


With cloud inventory management software, automotive companies can store inventory and additional data in one easily-accessible location. As an industry that relies heavily on the constant availability of data, customers will be more satisfied if you can search for a specific car or car part quickly.


Education is generally restricted by tight funding situations, a problem that the cloud can directly alleviate. Schools that have access to cloud solutions allow students to access the information they need all in one place, such as important notifications and assignments – just a few of the endless benefits that education can experience by implementing the cloud, saving time and money.


A major concern in this industry when it comes to the cloud is security, but cloud solutions allow you to have encrypted information and tightly controlled credentials for confidential data. Tighter security in place enables financial businesses to explore the ease of completing everyday tasks like customer billing or interaction.


This industry has been understandably slow to transition to new technology due to strenuous regulations, that impose risks of inadequate security of sensitive information. Cloud solutions for healthcare will ensure that the transition is reliable and timely, and also compliant with specific healthcare regulations.


Cloud solutions can allow your business to connect with your clients in the most convenient way. When dealing with insurance sales, turn the cloud into your best resource because you can experience real-time collaboration. Communicate within channels and set up customer portals that will help you and your customers keep track of their accounts and statuses.


Cloud solutions provide an agile computing environment, providing services that can be quickly changed to adapt to the needs of hospitality providers. Not only does this ease some of the stress that comes along with new technology, but it also immediately benefits your customers. With the ability to simplify processes by having smartphone compatibility to improve the guests and customer experience, as well as the efficiency of your establishment.


Manufacturing companies are constantly challenged with the need to manage diverse locations and supply chains that require large, intricate database applications. Cloud solutions can allow these companies to connect anywhere and provide the necessary infrastructure to power each location. Albeit numerous large-scale deployments that can occur in the production industry, the cost-efficiency, cloud solutions can help eliminate enormous capital expenses as well as lowering the operating costs that accompany maintaining various locations.

Real estate

Cloud software can make it easy for this industry to keep an eye on personal listings while being constantly aware of new ones. As an agent, brokerage or company, you can experience how easy it is to access information in the field when you need it. In addition, cloud solutions can help you maintain contact with your clients, and streamline your marketing initiatives.


This industry relies heavily on the ability to store large quantities of files for long periods of time, that also needs to remain accessible and secure. Cloud solutions provide advanced backup, recovery and computing to be accessible. Also, cloud solutions are scalable so you can keep storing more and more without worry.


This industry needs to rely on running a company on a limited budget. As a result, a lot of non-profits find it too difficult to spend money on the latest technology. However, cloud solutions can help you stay well within budget while keeping up with the most advanced computing solutions.

Cloud software is paving the future in tech for creating agile, efficient, high security, and scalable solutions – all customisable to your industry needs that can integrate with other software, which is certainly making business easier.

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