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With cloud based inventory management from Unleashed, you can track inventory online, understand your stock levels at any time, and improve inventory accuracy. Unleashed is the cloud-based inventory software that helps you do more, for less.

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Grow your business with cloud-based inventory

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Easily track stock through the entire supply chain using web-based inventory management.


Create smart reports that update as changes happen & identify key trends at a glance.

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Multi-channel stock control

Synchronise sales and product data between all your sales channels and locations.

Streamlined production

Track and manage assemblies and gain 24/7 visibility over your manufacturing inventory.

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Boost inventory accuracy and fulfil orders quicker with integrated barcode scanning.

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Cost-efficient reordering

Set optimal stock levels based on historical data to reduce carrying costs and grow profit.

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Make smart purchasing decisions, automate your POs, and set optimal reorder levels.

Accurate cost of goods sold

Understand your average landed costs including extra charges like freight and labour.

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Automated multi-channel stock tracking

Cloud-based inventory control ensures your inventory records reflect accurate stock positions in real time. By using a cloud system for multi-channel order management, you can rely on instant automation to keep you updated with how much stock you have on hand and where it’s located.

Create custom workflows 30+ integrations

Synchronise sales and inventory data across your entire business. Unleashed integrates with your preferred cloud software and every plan includes full API access for your developers.

Cloud-based inventory management to suit every budget

Our cloud-based inventory management software enables users to track inventory from anywhere with an internet connection. Data is stored in the cloud, accessible from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Champion efficiency by automating inventory processes like stock tallying and barcode scanning, reducing inaccuracies and saving time. View pricing plans

Helping businesses track inventory online since '09

Product businesses around the world have been streamlining online inventory management with Unleashed for over a decade.

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What I love about Unleashed is that it enables us to scale. The systems we’ve implemented can grow with us—it gives us the flexibility we need.

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Helen Lyon

CEO of Puremedic Health

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Get the most out of your cloud-based inventory system with live support and personalised onboarding from the top-rated customer team in the industry.

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We’re committed to keeping Unleashed, your data, and your identity safe with multiple layers of security. Our cloud service provider enables us to build a high-performing and resilient Unleashed app. We also leverage their security features to help you scale securely with the best visibility and control.

Cloud-based inventory management software refers to online inventory systems that enable businesses to track and update stock movements in real time across the business. The primary benefits of cloud inventory software are that it boosts inventory accuracy and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

When choosing the right cloud inventory management software, research must be completed to understand the features and scalability of the software versus the requirements of your business. Considerations should include features, pricing, customer support and scalability. Learn more in our guide on how to choose the best cloud inventory software.

In addition to improved accessibility and inventory accuracy, cloud-based inventory management systems have several advantages including lower carrying costs, greater workplace productivity, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

While cloud-based inventory management systems offer numerous benefits, they also come with some disadvantages. One potential drawback is the reliance on internet connectivity, as users need a stable internet connection to access the system and perform inventory tasks. Depending on your service provider, there may also be limitations in terms of customisation and scalability, which could hinder the system’s ability to meet specific business needs as it grows.

Cloud-based data storage reduces the cost of managing and storing data because all of the charges are included in a monthly subscription. It also enables businesses to synchronise data between multiple cloud-based software systems so that it can be accessed by all departments within the business at anytime.