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Need beverage inventory control software? Unleashed will transform your business

Manage your growth with a 360° view of your beverage business. Unleashed gives you a continuous, connected workflow from sales right through to purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing and dispatch.

Find out what makes Unleashed the UK’s best cloud inventory software platform


Ready to scale and streamline your beverage business?

Growing companies need the efficiency and accuracy of fully cloud-based systems. It’s why more than 2,000 food & beverage industry users – in over 30 countries – use Unleashed as their:

Food & beverage inventory control system

Purchasing, supplier, and sales order management platform

Food & beverage manufacturing software

What Unleashed software can do for you

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A must for all fermented and cold-pressed drinks makers!

From kombucha to cow’s milk, Unleashed lets you easily maintain visibility of perishables with Batch Number Tracking and Serial Number Tracking features.  

  • Cut waste by using your oldest stock first 
  • Confidently track and trace ingredients through the production process 
  • Recall management is simple when you know exactly where each batch of ingredients or products went 
Get smart about doing more with less

Get smart about doing more with less

Keep stock levels lean by ordering exactly what you need, when you need it: no more overstocking your warehouse for fear of running out 

  • Set minimum stock levels for all your important items, with automatic prompts to purchase more 
  • Easily compare pricing details for all your suppliers – including quantity price deals – and place purchase orders as you plan your production, or in response to sales 
  • Spot fast- and slow-moving stock items at a glance, so you can concentrate on what’s working (and get rid of what’s not) 
Know the Cost

Know the cost – and margin – on everything you sell 

With Unleashed’s perpetual inventory system you know the true landed cost of every stock item in your warehouse – which means live margin data at your fingertips, 24/7 

  • Instantly know which beverage lines are your best earners – and how fast they move 
  • Know which sales channels are most profitable, and promote accordingly 
  • Know which drinks ingredients cost most – and how they affect the value of your products
Integrate to dominate Unelashed software ecosystem diagram

Integrate to dominate!

As a fully cloud native solution, Unleashed is built to work with the best business apps. Connect your cloud accounting, CRM, POS and eCommerce platforms to create an end-to-end solution for your beverage business  

  • Creates a unified sales order management system for every channel – whether direct-to-consumer eCommerce, on-premise Point of Sale, or wholesale B2B 
  • Features a customisable B2B sales portal so your on-account customers can quickly and accurately reorder 
  • Includes plug-and-play connections with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Shopify, Amazon, Magento, Vend, Salesforce and more 

Upcoming webinar:
Live Overview of Unleashed

Wed, 2:30pm (NZT) [25 min incl. Q&A]

Upcoming webinar:
Live Overview of Unleashed

Wed, 12:30pm (AET) [25 min incl Q&A]

Upcoming live webinar:
Unleashed Lunchtime Tour

Wed, 12:30 pm (UK) [25 min incl. Q&A]

How beverage businesses use Unleashed

Find out how Good Culture Kombucha deployed Unleashed to grow its kombucha SCOBY manufacturing business.

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See the software in action

A quick overview of Unleashed in 25 minutes. Richard Ashurst explores the fundamentals of Unleashed in this pre-recorded webinar.

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"With Unleashed we have peace of mind and we've saved ourselves two days a week in wasted time"

Emma Loisel Volcano Coffee Works, UK
Thumbnail Phil Kirby Brew Tea Co

"I would definitely recommend Unleashed. It allows us access to our information from everywhere."

Phil Kirby Brew Tea Co, UK
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"Since we started using Unleashed we have grown 300%, Unleashed has helped unleash this growth."

Paul Delamere ShinDigger Brewing Co, UK

Award-winning software

Did you know? Software Advice rates Unleashed in the world’s top 20 manufacturing software solutions as well as the world’s top 20 inventory management software solutions as of May 2021.

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