Xero Inventory Management

Boost profit margins, streamline stock control, and automatically sync inventory and sales data to your accounting software in real time with the Unleashed to Xero inventory management integration.

Save hours with automated Xero stock control

Connect to Xero in seconds

Set-up is simple: Tax codes, customer info, and sales data are synced between Xero and Unleashed in real time.

Gain total stock visibility

Gain total visibility over all your stock movements, right down to the P&L and balance sheet levels.

Boost inventory accuracy

 Changes are instantly reflected in Xero and Unleashed whenever stock is moved, sold, or adjusted.

Multichannel sales

Centralise sales and sell on your favourite platforms without the stress of manual reconciliation.

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Streamline fulfilment

Receive, manage, and fulfil orders faster with automated currency conversion and pricing optimisation.

inventory software stocktaking feature

Simplify your stocktaking

Speed up inventory audits and conduct rolling stock takes without disrupting important work.

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How it works

With Xero and Unleashed, you’ll have access to a complete suite of tools for managing all your inventory and accounting tasks.

Check out this quick explainer video to see how Xero inventory management works in Unleashed.

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How does Unleashed simplify
Xero inventory management?

Dive into the details below to learn what the Unleashed Xero inventory integration can do for your business.

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Payable Transactions Updates

Unleashed sends Xero payable transactions for payment and reconciliation as you receive stock. This includes costing invoices, even from multiple suppliers.

Receivable Updates

The second you complete a sale in Unleashed that information is sent through to Xero. As stock moves, Unleashed updates the stock value and cost of sale in Xero to ensure your profit reports are correct.

Perpetual Stock Updates

Unleashed updates Xero in real time. Get instant visibility into all your stock movements right down to the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet level.

Instant Reconciliation

To ensure there are no discrepancies, Xero automatically and securely reconciles your transactions with Unleashed to save you from hours of manual administrative work.

Customisable Credit Limits

Keep tighter control over outstanding invoices in Unleashed and Xero by setting credit limits for customers. This feature automatically syncs and updates the value of outstanding customer invoices from Xero.

Tracking Categories Sync

Xero’s Tracking Categories feature eliminates the need to add multiple account codes, making reporting easier. Choose the tracking categories you want to be displayed in your Xero sales invoices or purchase orders.

About Xero

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Xero is a powerful cloud-based accounting and payroll software designed for small businesses. It provides merchants and their accountants with sophisticated financial tools.

Xero users can enjoy:

Xero inventory management software

What Unleashed users are saying

“We looked at various systems to work with Xero, but I am so glad we chose Unleashed. The information I now use to understand and plan our business growth is invaluable.”
Nicki Hawkins
Ribeye Boats and Tenders, UK

“The ideal stock management app for Xero. The onboarding process was brilliant and the software itself has revolutionised the way the company is able to control stock.”

Keri Baker
BookCheck, UK

“We chose Unleashed & Xero after trying QuickBooks first, which we found inadequate. The experience was very positive and we received fantastic support.”

Graham Bull

Industrial Communication Products, UK
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Xero inventory
management FAQs

Xero offers some limited inventory functionalities, such as cost insights and basic stock control. However, materials tracking, work-in-progress management, and advanced inventory control automation are not possible in Xero without an inventory management integration.

You cannot track raw materials or access batch and serial number tracking features with Xero. However, it’s possible to integrate specialised inventory software with Xero to gain a fully functioning inventory control and accounting system that synchronises sales data across all channels in real time.

The limitations of using Xero for inventory include soft limits for transaction volumes of 1000 sales invoices, 2000 account transactions, 1000 purchase bills, and 2000+ bank lines per month. Xero inventory is also limited in its lack of manufacturing or production features, such as serial number tracking and assembly kitting.

To account for inventory in Xero, select Products and services from the Business menu and select new item. Enter item details such as name, SKU, and price. Then select the Track inventory item checkbox, select an Inventory Asset account and Cost of Goods Sold account, and click Save.