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WooCommerce Inventory Management with Unleashed

Unleashed delivers fast, efficient & accurate stock management for all your WooCommerce stores

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Connect your eCommerce stores to your inventory system for a seamless sales experience – and error-free rebuying

How it works

Unleashed’s WooCommerce inventory integration keeps your customers (and staff) happy by ensuring online stores display what’s in stock, and instantly passing sales through to your warehouse, so you can keep your inventory levels just right.

Your CFO will love it too: using Unleashed as your WooCommerce inventory management platform ensures supplier discounts, taxes, freight charges and more are captured in an accurate landed cost of goods. That makes it easier to track and report on performance, and automatically keeps your accounting software up to date.

Sales Order sync

Sales generated in your WooCommerce store are automatically passed through to Unleashed. There you can action them from a single central screen that connects all your online and offline sales channels and updates your stock position in real time. That means you can see what stock is already allocated to a sale, what’s on backorder – and what you can fulfil right now.

New customer creation

When a customer creates a new account in your online store, WooCommerce passes their details through to your inventory platform, so you can fulfil directly from Unleashed, pass their address on to your 3PL, manage their performance through a CRM and much more.

Synchronise stock on hand

WooCommerce always knows how much stock you have for each product line. And if you designate products as ‘not sellable’ in Unleashed that automatically passes through to WooCommerce, so you don’t sell items that are out of stock or obsolete.

Accelerate business growth

Get valuable insight into your WooCommerce sales margins with our sales reports. If you move products through multiple sales channels, you can easily see which channel performs best – and where your greatest margins are made.

Choose a plan that’s right for you

Unleashed’s WooCommerce integration is available to all users via our eCommerce Hub – home to our latest managed eCommerce integrations.


View subscription and volume pricing on our pricing page under eCommerce Hub.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a robust and flexible open-source eCommerce solution that powers millions of online stores worldwide. With WooCommerce users can build and manage stores on WordPress to sell products, process payments, handle shipping and tax calculations, and more.

With multiple extensions and integrations available WooCommerce has a reputation as being highly customisable and user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for even non-technical users to set up and manage their online stores.

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What is WooCommerce Inventory Management?

Unleashed’s integration with WooCommerce gives online retailers access to Unleashed’s powerful suite of inventory management tools, ensuring accurate financial tracking and stock management.


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