Inventory Management that Makes Selling Easy

Track stock across multiple warehouses and online stores, sync multichannel sales data, and optimise order fulfilment. Streamline the sales process with WooCommerce inventory management.

Simplify your WooCommerce inventory management

WooCommerce inventory plugin

Get complete visibility over your sales. Stock movements are auto-updated across both systems in real time.

End-to-end order management

Track products through the supply chain in real time. Manage inventory and sales across multiple warehouses.

Connect your
entire business

Connect to over 30 powerful integrations and use Unleashed as your central hub for all business data.

Replace admin with automation

Get accurate product data and manage orders more efficiently with an automated inventory system.

Maximise customer loyalty

Keep customers happy with easy order tracking and faster deliveries. Check the status of any order in seconds.

Live multichannel reporting

Enable cross-platform reporting and get accurate stock levels across all your sales channels and systems.

See Unleashed software in action

Check out this short demo of Unleashed to see how WooCommerce inventory management software can optimise fulfilment, streamline stock control, and provide total clarity over all your eCommerce inventory and sales data.

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The WooCommerce inventory plugin
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Dive into the details below to learn what the Unleashed WooCommerce inventory management plugin can do for your business.

Perpetual Stock Updates

Unleashed updates WooCommerce in real time, meaning you’ll have visibility across all your stock movements as they happen. Enjoy minimised data entry and greater stock accuracy with a fully integrated eCommerce inventory sales system.

Multiple WooCommerce Warehouses

Unleashed acts as the central hub that connects all your WooCommerce stores and physical locations – even if they’re on opposite sides of the world. Enjoy multiple warehouses and geo-locations that enable you to avoid missed sales and fulfil customer orders in real time.

Multichannel Order Management

Selling through multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces? Bring them all together under one roof with our integrated multichannel sales solution. Unleashed connects with most major eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Boost inventory accuracy  everywhere you sell and meet your customers where they prefer to spend.

Omnichannel Retailing

Oversee production and understand your purchasing needs at any time with omnichannel visibility and sales reporting. Compare stock movements, customer trends, and order data between different platforms, products, and locations.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a robust and flexible open-source eCommerce solution that powers millions of online stores worldwide. Users can build and manage stores on WordPress with ease.

WooCommerce users can enjoy:

What Unleashed users are saying

“We have separate warehouses and we’re able to run a report at any time to see our stock levels at any one location, or in total. It’s incredibly time saving.”

Alison Cotton
Founder of First Base,

“We’ve quadrupled in size in the last three years. Unleashed is the hub of the business, it’s probably made us 40% more efficient.”

James Barry
CEO of Renewable Parts, Scotland

“Over the years we’ve been using Unleashed, it’s saved us thousands of dollars daily. It takes us from sales order to purchasing, shipping, and invoicing.”

Kyle Tager

Co-Owner of The Pillow Collection, USA
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WooCommerce inventory
management FAQs

WooCommerce offers limited functionality for inventory management. However, you can enhance the platform’s functionality by integrating with a native WooCommerce inventory management plugin such as Unleashed or WooCommerce POS.

To add inventory to WooCommerce, select WooCommerce from your WordPress dashboard then go to Products > Add Product. From here you can add product and tax information. When you’re done, visit the Products Inventory Settings and select Enable stock management.

Unleashed is a powerful stock management plugin for WooCommerce merchants. Integrate Unleashed with WooCommerce to access advanced cloud-based multichannel reporting, end-to-end stock management, and real-time inventory control from any location.

WooCommerce offers more customisation and comes at a lower price point than Shopify, making it a better option for new or complex businesses. Shopify offers more scalability and a simpler-to-use content management system that make it a better option for enterprise businesses or those with less-technical requirements.

Yes. Unleashed’s integration with WooCommerce gives online retailers access to Unleashed’s powerful suite of inventory management tools, ensuring accurate financial tracking and stock management.