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Meet EDI requirements quickly, painlessly and cost effectively.


Processing orders & invoices with SPS Commerce is easy, fast and practically foolproof

How it works

With the Unleashed and SPS Commerce integration you can access your EDI sales orders within Unleashed. You get notified as soon as an order comes in — no confusing 3-digit EDI codes to learn, and the order details are auto-filled into Unleashed saving you time. You receive clear instructions for every order and retailer connected, and each step gets “checked off” once it’s done.

It keeps things organized & in one place.

All your documents — orders, invoices, and shipping notices — are kept in one easy-to-search hub, along with the tools you’ll need to close your accounting.

You get clear, real-time confirmations.

With an EDI service like SPS Commerce you can finally see what stage every order is in. No more confusion about what’s been completed and confirmed by your customers.

You can officially accept orders from anyone.

Our huge community of trading partners makes connecting to new retailers a snap. Plus: we keep connections updated for you, so they always work.

About SPS Commerce

Trusted by more than 80,000 organizations worldwide, the SPS platform is pre-wired to thousand of the world’s biggest retailers and vendors, so you get connected to your trading partners with blazing speed. With more than 350,000 users in 60 countries, SPS was ranked the #1 EDI software solution by Capterra.com

SPS Commerce
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SPS Commerce gives you the full-service team and expert support you need to streamline manual processes and enhance collaboration.


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