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Save time, cut costs, and get orders out the door faster. Shiptheory and Unleashed help you streamline fulfilment, shipping, and inventory management. 

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Inventory and shipping software for faster fulfilment

End-to-end stock visibility

Track parts and products through the entire supply chain in real time – all the way to your customer’s door.

Optimised order fulfilment

Automatically book a carrier and print shipping labels whenever an order is processed in Unleashed.

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Improved customer experience

Build a loyal customer base with better communication, instant order tracking and faster shipping.

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Accurate stock and sales information

Sales and customer data are instantly synced to ensure round-the-clock accuracy across both systems.

Eliminate waste
and reduce admin

Ship customer orders faster with automated fulfilment and integrated shipping and inventory software.

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Everything you need in one place

Unleashed acts as a central hub that connects all your shipping, commerce, accounting, and CRM tools.

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The best Shiptheory integration for efficient stock management

Watch this short video to see how UK-based bike manufacturers, Temple Cycles, increased business efficiency by 50% with the Unleashed–Shiptheory inventory integration.

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What does the Unleashed Shiptheory
integration do for you?

Dive into the details to learn how automated shipping and inventory management can benefit your business.

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Flexible Shipping Rules

Automate shipping with flexible, comprehensive shipping rules based on consignment weight, order value, destination, product combinations, and more. Ship from multiple warehouses and create a cohesive sales process with integrated customer updates.

Complete Shipping Visibility

Gain better visibility using live, carrier-connected freight charges displayed right within Unleashed. Access valuable insights into your margins as you capture and track all shipping expenses.

Faster Fulfilment

Remove manual data entry and reduce error during the fulfilment process. Optimise your entire shipping process with flexible rules, direct carrier integrations, intuitive consignment collection and delivery, and automatic label printing.

Integrated Shipping and Inventory Management

Automate your fulfilment workflow with synchronised shipping and inventory management. Customer orders, shipping details, and product information are updated in real time whenever changes occur.

About Shiptheory

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Shiptheory is a simple-to-use shipping management platform designed to streamline your shipping workflows and integrate with your entire business.

Shiptheory users can enjoy:

What Unleashed users are saying

“Despite the increasing complexity of our operation, we’re now more efficient and streamlined than we’ve ever been.”

Tom Riley
Managing Director at WhiteWash Laboratories

“What I love about Unleashed is that it enables us to scale. The systems we’ve implemented can grow with us—it gives us the flexibility we need.”

Helen Lyon
CEO of Puremedic Health

“It functions in a way that’s far superior to what we expected. Everything’s on hand on the dashboard, it’s easy to see [and] easy to get information.”

Greg Hall
Founder of Kohu Road Ice Cream
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Shipping and inventory management FAQs

Cloud computing inventory software can be integrated with shipping management systems to seamlessly track and manage customer orders across your entire business. Cloud-based software like Unleashed allows users to access, manage, and update inventory and shipping information from anywhere in the world in real time.

Inventory management supports shipping by ensuring accurate stock levels, easy supplier management and faster fulfilment speed. This allows shippers to pack orders, book couriers, and get orders out the door with improved efficiency and fewer bottlenecks or errors.

Shipping affects inventory management by impacting the stock-on-hand levels in a business. If an order is incorrectly shipped – either with the wrong items, the wrong quantities, or the wrong address – it can create discrepancies in your recorded inventory levels. Inventory discrepancies lead to over- or under-stocking, which can affect your cash flow and profitability.

Shipping management is an important function in any product business because it has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and profitability. Without an efficient shipping management system in place, businesses risk higher shipping costs and more errors. This can leave customers unsatisfied with the service and less likely to purchase from you again.