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Shiptheory + Unleashed

Fully automated, disruption-free shipping workflow.


Shiptheory – Fully integrated shipping at its smartest!

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How it works

Shiptheory integration with Unleashed makes it easy to fully automate your shipping process with flexible rules engine, direct carrier integrations, intuitive consignment collection and delivery and automatic label printing.

Shiptheory fits perfectly into a single warehouse as well as it does in multiple warehouses acting as a single point of automated shipping management.

Visibility and control

Better visibility using live, carrier connected freight charges displayed right from within Unleashed.

Comprehensive insight

Valuable insight into your margin as you capture and track all shipping expenses.

Build customers’ trust

Provide a cohesive sales process by providing tracking and shipping cost information as part the sales process.

Automate shipping process

Automate shipping with a flexible, comprehensive shipping rules based on consignment weight, order value, destination, product combinations and more.

Faster fulfilment process

Remove manual data entry and reduce error during fulfilment process. Automate printing of labels as Shiptheory integrates with all of your system.

  • Flexible, comprehensive shipping rules
  • Automated label printing
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Integrated Shipping Labels

About Shiptheory

Shiptheory is the UK and Europe’s Most Popular Carrier integrations. Shiptheory is an online shipping platform that works with the UK and Europe’s most popular carriers, making for an automated, seamless shipping experience. The Shiptheory team have been solving shipping problems since 2007. Shiptheory’s goal is to save your business time, money and increase customer satisfaction by transforming your shipping workflow into a silent, friction free fully automated process.

Shiptheory’s integrates directly with Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DPD, Interlink, UK Mail, DHL, Parcelforce and a host of other incredible shipping providers.

What is Shiptheory?

Shiptheory is an online shipping platform developed by integration experts that makes shipping a fully automated, painless process.




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