Salesforce Inventory Management

Accelerate sales efficiency with live stock-on-hand data, increased customer satisfaction, and faster dispatch times when you sync inventory with Salesforce.

The complete Salesforce inventory system

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Improve customer loyalty

Keep customers happy with always-accurate stock levels, reduced processing times, and faster dispatching.

Integrated sales process

Boost sales, improve order accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction with a fully connected sales system.

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Complete stock visibility

Understand your inventory health at a glance. Always know your stock levels and when to reorder.

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Sync data for smarter reports

Identify key sales and customer trends and track the financial standing of your business with real-time reporting in the cloud.

End-to-end product tracking

Track all your parts and products through the supply chain in real-time. Use batch and serial tracking to take the stress out of product recalls.

Boost your fulfilment speed

Optimise your warehouse and gain faster, more accurate fulfilment processes that lead to happier customers and more sales.

See Salesforce inventory software in action

Use Unleashed for your  Salesforce inventory management to reduce warehouse processing times and keep customers satisfied. Keep a record of all your tasks, interactions, and product sales inside of Salesforce. See how it works in this short demo of Unleashed.

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Everything you need from a Salesforce
inventory management system

Dive into the details below to learn how the Unleashed Salesforce inventory integration can benefit your business.

Salesforce Inventory Management

Track parts and products through the entire supply chain in real time. Check and update stock movements as they happen, perform rolling stock takes, and easily identify and categorise all your products.

Synchronised Sales

Connect to our B2B store or your own retail and ecommerce software for a completely synchronised sales system. Transactions are updated in Unleashed and Salesforce as they happen, so you’re always up to date.

Inventory Updates

Unleashed updates Salesforce in real-time so you can have total visibility and control over all your stock movements, no matter where or when they originally take place.

Sales Order Management

Create an Opportunity within Salesforce, which will become a Sales Order in Unleashed. Add products to the order using Unleashed product codes. Set the customer, delivery address and warehouse, and then sync to Unleashed.

Product Sync

Products are imported from Unleashed as a price book, including the taxes set within Unleashed. View products within Salesforce with live stock-on-hand levels and stock allocations for each warehouse.

About Salesforce

Salesforce enables its clients to improve every aspect of their business across sales, marketing, customer service, social communities, analytics, and more.

Salesforce users get:

What Unleashed users are saying

“I can run daily reorder reports and see lead times, up-to-date pricing, and when stock need replenishing. Monthly reporting is so much easier!”

James Hope
Purchasing Manager at Lightning Fibre

“You can see exactly what your costs and income are. And because we don’t own our brewery, it’s also helped with confirming which stock is ours.”

Ed Jeffries
Production Manager at Epic Beer

“Despite the increasing complexity of our operation, we’re now more efficient and streamlined than we’ve ever been.”

Tom Riley
Managing Director of WhiteWash Laboratories
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Salesforce inventory
management FAQs

Salesforce CRM has some inventory management functionalities including inventory transfers, shipment and returns tracking, and stock monitoring. Businesses that have minimal inventory requirements may find it sufficient. However, product-based businesses with steady sales may need to invest in a dedicated inventory system that integrates with Salesforce.

Salesforce can assist in some of the tasks related to supply chain management. For example, customer account management and communications. But to gain complete supply chain visibility and optimisation you will need to invest in inventory management or ERP software as well.