The All-New AIM: Intelligent Forecasting + Inventory Planning

The Unleashed to Salesforce Connector

Accelerate sales efficiency with live stock-on-hand information. Increase customer satisfaction with faster product dispatch times.


Accelerate Sales Efficiency and Increase Customer Satisfaction

How it works

Unleashed’s new Salesforce Connector means you can keep all of your customer information in one place – a record of all of your tasks, interactions and now product sales inside of Salesforce. Use Unleashed for Salesforce inventory management and keep your customers happy with reduced warehouse processing times that result in faster dispatches, because happy customers are repeat customers.

Live Stock On Hand

View your inventory information within Salesforce, to ensure you have the stock you need to make the sale.

Shared sales data

Create a sale within Salesforce and send it to your warehouse automatically with Unleashed, meaning faster processing times.

Inventory updates

Get up-to-the-minute updates about how orders have affected your inventory levels, so you aren’t selling what you don’t have.

Consistent information

Improve data accuracy and efficiency between departments, reducing costly errors.

What information is shared via the Connector?


  • Stock levels – View products within Salesforce with live stock on hand and stock allocations for each warehouse.
  • Price book – Products are imported from Unleashed as a price book, including the taxes set within Unleashed.
  • Sales orders – Create an Opportunity within Salesforce, which will become a Sales Order in Unleashed. Add products to the order using
  • Unleashed product codes – set the customer, delivery address and warehouse, and then sync to Unleashed.
  • Order processing – the order is received in Unleashed, and can be seen in View Sales Orders.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM and empowers companies to connect with their customers on its customer success platform in a whole new way: A sales CRM at its core, Salesforce enables its clients to improve every aspect of their business across sales, marketing, customer service, social communities, analytics, and much more. Salesforce’s core technologies, APIs, and third-party development tools help clients to connect data from any system, and lets them manage this from anywhere.

Visit Salesforce to learn more.

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Sell smarter and faster with the world’s #1 CRM solution. An innovative platform of business applications helps our customers stay on the cutting edge of cloud, mobile, social, and data science technologies.

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