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Create a powerful POS inventory system that gives you faster fulfilment and better customer experiences with this Unleashed Lightspeed inventory management integration.

Streamline your Lightspeed inventory management

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Easily sync stock and sales data

Unleashed integrates seamlessly with Lightspeed to ensure all your data is up-to-date and accurate. 

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Multichannel retail

Set optimal stock levels based on real-time data. Receive automated reorder alerts when a product gets low.

Total control over all your products

Bring all your sales channels together in one place and easily track inventory across all your platforms.

Inventory optimisation

Access enhanced reporting features and determine the optimal amount of stock to hold for every SKU.

Save hours every single week

Automate your workflows and drastically slash admin time. Take the risk and stress out of managing your inventory.

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Keep your customers happy

Prevent unpleasant customer experiences with always-accurate stock levels across the business. 

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See Lightspeed Retail inventory software in action

The Unleashed and Lightspeed POS inventory integration gives you accurate margins for all your sales channels. Improve your workflow efficiencies and spend less time dealing with repetitive admin tasks. See how Unleashed works in this inventory software demo.

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A complete Lightspeed POS inventory system

Dive into the details below to learn how the Unleashed Lightspeed inventory integration can benefit your business.

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Lightspeed Inventory Management

Instantly track and manage products across your entire supply chain in real time. Unleashed perpetually syncs data with Lightspeed to ensure you understand your stock levels and know exactly what to reorder and when. Whenever a product is sold, relocated, or adjusted those changes are instantly reflected in your records.

Synchronised Updates

Avoid messy data duplication and eliminate the risk of human errors. Whenever a product is sold, relocated, or adjusted those changes are instantly reflected in your records. Customer information, product data, and sales will be reliable across the business.

Multiple Warehouses

It doesn’t matter how many storage locations or sales channels you’ve got; Unleashed acts as a central hub for all your retail stores, eCommerce shops, and physical warehouses. Trace inventory across multiple locations and fulfil customer orders faster.

Multichannel Order Management

Set up multiple online and retail sales channels without understocking or overselling thanks to up-to-date sales data across the whole business. Seamlessly connect to your eCommerce platforms of choice, and enjoy full access to our built-in B2B eCommerce portal.

Omnichannel Reporting

Get full omnichannel visibility and cross-channel reporting to understand all your business needs. Compare sales trends between different platforms, customer segments, and seasons. Connect Lightspeed and Unleashed to your accounting, CRM, and analytics tools of choice to synchronise omnichannel activities with data-driven decision-making.

About Lightspeed

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Lightspeed Retail is an omnichannel POS software that helps retailers optimise their sales process and give customers an enjoyable payment experience every time they shop.

Lightspeed Retail users can enjoy:

What Unleashed users are saying

“Syncing with our shopping cart and accounting system is seamless. This frees up a lot of extra time [previously] spent on admin work before Unleashed.”

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“A lot of double entry and a lot of the ongoing monotony has been reduced. We can search through hundreds of thousands of records and quickly find what we need.”

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United States

“We’ve been live with Unleashed for a month now. The team went the extra mile to help us configure the integration! I have never experienced this level of customer support.”

Happy Hound

South Africa
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Lightspeed inventory
management FAQs

POS inventory systems can be defined as an integrated software stack that allows businesses to synchronise sales with accurate stock data and easily track inventory across multiple locations.

1. Audit your stock levels.
2. Implement an efficient inventory management system.
3. Monitor stock levels and analyse sales data.
4. Optimise inventory management based on historical data.

The four main types of POS are legacy, mobile, tablet-based, and cloud-based. Legacy POS systems are widely considered outdated, while the other POS system types typically offer greater efficiency at a lower cost.