Inventory Management

Maximise productivity, automate your workflows, and easily track stock across multiple warehouses with Amazon inventory management software by Unleashed.

Intuitive Amazon inventory management software

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Integrate easily with Amazon

Gain total visibility across all your Amazon products and synchronise stock updates from Unleashed in real time.

Connect your
whole business

Build custom workflows by easily connecting your other business tools with Unleashed and Amazon.

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inventory control

Bring all your sales channels together in one place. Sync inventory and sales between multiple eCommerce stores.

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Carry the perfect amount of stock

Set optimal stock levels based on real-time data. Receive automated reorder alerts when a product gets low.

Optimised order fulfilment

Streamline your warehousing processes and enjoy happier customers, fewer returns, and more on-time deliveries.

Eliminate waste and extra admin

Ship customer orders faster with automation. Take the admin out of conversions, pricing, and forecasting.

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See Amazon inventory software in action

Check out this short demo of Unleashed to see how Amazon inventory management software can streamline order fulfilment, maximise supply chain efficiency, and give you instant visibility over all your product and sales data.

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What does Unleashed Amazon inventory software do?

Dive into the details below to learn how the Unleashed Amazon inventory integration can benefit your business.

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Amazon Inventory Management

Track parts and products through the entire supply chain in real time. Understand your stock levels and know exactly when to reorder. Whenever a product is sold, relocated, or adjusted those changes are instantly reflected in your records.

Synchronised Updates

Amazon and Unleashed are automatically kept in sync. Customer information, product data, and stock on hand levels match in both systems around the clock for always accurate reporting.

Multiple Amazon Warehouses

Unleashed acts as a central location for all your Amazon stores and physical warehouses. Easily track stock movements across multiple geo-locations and fulfil customer orders faster and with more accuracy.

Multichannel Order Management

Sell through multiple eCommerce and retail sales channels without overselling or understocking. Unleashed integrates with most major eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Access a built-in B2B eCommerce portal and maintain accurate inventory everywhere you sell online.

Omnichannel Retailing

Gain complete omnichannel visibility and reporting to realise all your production and procurement needs. Compare sales between different platforms, customer segments, and timelines. Connect with POS, accounting, CRM, and analytics tools to integrate your omnichannel activities and decision-making.

Inventory Optimisation

Add the Unleashed Advanced Inventory Manager module and boost efficiency with Amazon inventory forecasting and demand planning tools. Set smart min/max levels that scale with your sales.

About Amazon

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Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world. Sellers can easily create an online store and market and sell products to a huge audience without worrying about the backend.

Amazon users can enjoy:

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Who benefits from Amazon inventory management software?

Any business that sells stock online through Amazon and manages inventory in-house can benefit from Unleashed’s inventory management software

Inventory management for both online and offline sales can be a handful, especially if you’re using multiple listing sites such as Amazon and eBay. 

Unleashed inventory management software synchronises data from multiple platforms like Amazon and in-store to create a single truthful source of information. This can be used to monitor and track inventory levels across the business, streamlining stock management.


What Unleashed users are saying

“Syncing with our shopping cart and accounting system is seamless. This frees up a lot of extra time [previously] spent on admin work before Unleashed.”

Artist Guitars

“Unleashed is the best inventory management system I’ve experienced. I believe this will continue to evolve as the eCommerce and inventory combination of choice.”

Construction Products
New Zealand

“We’ve been live with Unleashed for a month now. The team went the extra mile to help us configure the integration! I have never experienced this level of customer support.”

Happy Hound

South Africa
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Amazon inventory
management FAQs

While Amazon FBA sellers can access an inventory management dashboard within Seller Central, successful Amazon FBM merchants must rely on cloud-based inventory software to track and manage inventory. Amazon inventory management software refers to third-party inventory systems that integrate with Amazon.

Amazon inventory management software refers to third-party inventory systems that integrate with Amazon. These systems synchronise sales, inventory, and customer data between physical locations and digital records in real time, ensuring always-accurate inventory levels.

Amazon is considered a leader in inventory management largely thanks to their reliance on modern technologies and systems, such as barcode scanners and perpetual inventory software. These tools enable them to decrease costs and manage orders more efficiently than their competitors.