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Accounting and Inventory Software
Access + Unleashed

Connect flexible accounting, purchasing, and finance management with end-to-end inventory control. Try the Unleashed + Access Financials integration today.

Fast, accurate accounting and inventory management

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Total business visibility

Gain financial clarity and check your inventory health at any time, right down to the P&L and Balance Sheet levels.

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Intelligent purchasing

Connect procurement with accounting for seamless ordering and optimised supply chain management.

Understand costs
at a glance

Connect job costing and timesheet functions with our MRP tools for simplified breakdowns of your costs.

Flexible inventory accounting

Synchronise finance and stock management for a clean and accurate inventory accounting system.

Real-time reporting and analytics

 Customise your dashboards and build smart reports to access real-time data insights and skip the manual admin.

Easy cash flow management

Connect cash flow forecasting with inventory optimisation tools to protect your cash flow and meet customer demand.

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Streamline inventory accounting with Unleashed software

Access Financials & Unleashed is an integrated accounting and inventory software system that supports scalability and growth with a unified approach to managing your organisation’s needs.

Check out this short demo of Unleashed to see how inventory management software can help you grow.

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Accounting and inventory software
that supports your whole business

Here’s what this inventory and accounting integration can do for your business.

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Stock Control

Track all your parts, materials, and products through the entire supply chain. Prevent stockouts and overstocking with optimised replenishment and supply chain risk protection.

Synchronised Updates

Automatically export and import key data between your different business systems, including customer information, supplier details, invoices, and stock movements.

3-way PO Invoice Matching

Gain the ability to match the order, receipt, and invoice purchase order amounts as part of the approval and payment flow.

Reporting and Analytics

Get a 360-degree view across your business from sales and purchasing right through to inventory. Quickly create real-time reports and customisable dashboards that enable smarter decision-making.

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About Access Financials

Access Financials is flexible finance accounting software built for scaling and mid-market businesses across supply chain, construction, fast-moving consumer goods, health care, retail, e-commerce and more.

Access Financials users get:

What Unleashed users are saying

“It’s where all of our other systems meet. We have a CRM system, an accounting system, a third-party logistics system – and all of those pivot around Unleashed as a central core.”

Helen Lyon
CEO of Puremedic Health, Australia

“Unleashed made a massive difference in streamlining our processes. Those processes are built into the system [so] it’s very user friendly; it guides you.”

Darren Peake
Operations Manager at Lighthouse Pools, UK

“We’re operating with fewer staff and trying to be more efficient in our processes. Unleashed has definitely helped – what took half a day to get done can now be finished in an hour.”

Matt Beckett

Managing Director of Blokarts, New Zealand
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Accounting and inventory
management software FAQs

Accounting and inventory management software refers to digital systems designed to automate manual inventory accounting processes, improve bookkeeping accuracy, and synchronise data across the business.

There are two main inventory accounting systems – perpetual inventory accounting and periodic inventory accounting. The perpetual system is preferred by most businesses as it minimises labour and costs while ensuring stock records are always up to date.