Access Financials + Unleashed

Access Financials is for growing businesses who need a rich feature set and unlimited transactions

Access Financials – Flexible Accounting and Finance Software that enables your business to grow.

What is Access Financials?

Access Financials brings together flexible accounting, project and financial management solutions into one integrated system. Access Financials offers a smarter more integrated way of working for scalability and growth with a unified approach for managing your organisation’s needs.

Benefits include:

  • Clear view of your P&L, Balance sheet and cash flow
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy – delivering real time financial visibility to transactions and contact records making manual “double entry” and human error a thing of the past
  • Streamline operations – No more siloed systems and time-consuming reporting. Automated financial processes delivering improved efficiency and accuracy
  • A platform for growth – As you evolve, we evolve with you – adapting to your needs. Add additional products, apps, or modules as you scale
  • Empower your people – Easy-to-use software, self-serve apps and real-time financial reporting
  • Gain full visibility – see your finance, project, sales, credit and third-party data in one single view, to make faster and better informed decisions
  • Integrated way of working – Everything you need joined up, and in one place

Key features of Access Financials

  • No transaction/user limits –giving you more flexibility and freedom.

  • 3 way PO invoice matching – gain the ability to match the order, receipt and invoice purchase order amounts as part of the approval and payment flow.

  • Head office billing – customers are often layered and can have multi-site businesses. Being able to bill to one head office for differing sites is key

  • Reporting and analytics – get a 360-degree view across your business and quickly create real time reports and dashboards

  • Compliant with the latest UK regulations – including GDPR, digital tax and statutory reporting requirements

Benefits of Unleashed and Access Financials working together

  • Automated syncing between Unleashed system and Access Financials
  • Data that exports to your Financials platform including:
    • Customer information
    • Suppliers details
    • Purchase and sales invoices
    • Stock value changes and updates – stock write offs, pricing changes, revaluations updated from Unleashed platform to Access Financial accounts
  • Unrivaled Analytics tools to support in depth analysis, data review and reporting
  • Configurable solution to meet your business needs

Is Access Financials right for you?

Trusted by over 4000 businesses, with turnovers from £2m to £200m, from growing and scalable businesses, advanced accounting requirements to multiple projects our 

 meets advanced needs and different challenges.

Sectors we serve

Flexible finance accounting software serving scaling and mid-market businesses across many sectors including supply chain, construction, fast moving consumer goods, health care, retail, e-commerce and many more.

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What is Access Financials?

Access Financials is finance and accounting software that is designed to support the needs of growing businesses.




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