Here is an overview of our main features that have helped your business over the past few years!

November & December Enhancements
  • BI Vision Plus – More notification options 
  • BI Vision Plus – New targets and tracking functions 
  • API: Warehouse stock transfer – Use the filter “Modified Since” 
  • API: Stock level alerts for individual warehouses 
  • API: Delivery contacts for Sales Orders 

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BI Vision Plus – more notification options

With BI Vision Plus you've now got even more options for your BI notifications. You can select from the following sales and transactions measures so they're included in your automated email updates:

  • Low Stock Levels
  • Batch Expiry
  • Open Shipments
  • Top 5 Products
  • Top 5 Customers

We've also added a new date period option, 'last month', so you can choose to receive an email update that covers the previous month.

New Shopify - Unleashed Integration

New Shopify Integration

Our new and improved Shopify-Unleashed integration – which can be found in our recently launched eCommerce Hub – is designed to streamline your processes in the all-important eCommerce space.

In addition to existing information flows for stock on hand, product, customer and sales order information, this new Shopify-Unleashed integration gives you:

  • Two-way automated updates to shipping company and tracking numbers
  • Two-way automation for order fulfilment status
  • The ability to select individual data fields to sync between Unleashed and Shopify
  • Automated updating of shipping rate name from Shopify into Unleashed as delivery method
  • Connected to eCommerce Hub - Our centre for ecommerce solutions with more control over how you manage orders, products and shipping 

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BI Vision Plus

We’ve made a major enhancement to our BI Vision module with the introduction of BI Vision Plus - so you can set sales targets and track your performance easily and accurately.

In the BI menu you will see a new item ‘Targets and Tracking’ where you can now add targets for sales revenue, gross profit, and gross profit %. On the BI Sales page we’ve also added a new Vision Plus tab, where you’ll find clear and up-to-date graphs and tables to track your sales against your targets.

And you can also set up automated notifications so performance updates are emailed straight to your inbox - giving you a high-level view of your sales without logging in.

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September & October Enhancements
  • ICC Fields in the Data Exporter 
  • BI Vision - View "Last Year" 
  • ICC Fields in Shipments API 
  • Additional Columns in the Purchase Enquiry

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July & August Enhancements
  • Purchase Enquiry – new filter "Product Group"
  • Create and update assemblies – API
  • Get sales custom statuses – API
  • Updates to B2B Menu
  • Products and Customers in B2B Settings

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May & June Enhancements
  • ASM: International shipping across multiple packages
  • API: “Assemble By” date included
  • Customs data available in Doc Designer
  • API: Retrieve customer contacts
  • Serial and batch numbers in Commercial Invoices
  • Comments on combined picklists

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Ship from multiple warehouses on a single order

If you hold stock in multiple warehouses, this enhancement is for you. This enhancement will help you streamline shipping and better fulfil your customers sales orders, by allowing you to ship from different warehouses on a single sales order.

Choose local warehouses for selected items to decrease delivery time, or specify different warehouses where different stock is located. This speeds up order fulfilment and delivery, boosting customer satisfaction.

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B2B Freight

Manage freight for your B2B orders. You can now create rates based on geographic location and sell price tiers. Automatically add freight costs and freight taxes to your customers’ orders for a seamless customer experience.

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March and April Enhancements
  • Upload historical sales data in BI Vision
  • More customer data in BI Vision
  • Manage non-delivery dates in your B2B Store
  • Customer managed standing orders
  • Promote products in B2B emails
  • More power behind your Reorder Reports
  • International Commerce Codes (ICC) Enhancements

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Even More Sales Insights

New to Unleashed but have heaps of historical data? You can now immediately glean valuable sales insights with Business Intelligence (BI) Vision.

Incorporate your historical sales data by uploading Invoices, Sales Orders and Credits from your previous system into BI Vision. BI will reveal your historical performance, allowing you to comparatively understand current and ongoing sales performance allowing you to make even better sales decisions.

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More power behind Reorder Reports

Creating assemblies, transferring between warehouses and reordering just got a lot easier with the updates on the Reorder Report. No need to navigate outside of the report, you can do it all here.

We’ve also updated a few of the columns and how the data is presented to make the report even clearer. Watch this video to see what’s new in the Reorder Report.

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Customer managed standing orders

Standing orders are a great way of creating a reliable source of repeat sales. With these enhancements to the standing orders feature in the B2B Store, we’ve further minimised the administrative effort to manage and update them.

Available to B2B Store Premium and Premium+ accounts, you and your customers can now:

  • Create and edit names of standing orders
  • Edit the quantity of items in existing standing orders
  • Add or remove products in existing standing orders

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January & February Enhancements
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Credit Notes via API
  • BI Vision: Save and share filtered views
  • BI Vision: View sales by country
  • BI Vision: View Purchase Orders created over time

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BI Vision enhancements

BI Vision is growing. These new features allow you to get even more insights from your data, and make it even easier to find and share them:

  • A new sales KPI: Units Sold
  • Custom date range
  • Search and filter by specific fields
  • Select multiple filters
  • Save and share filtered views

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November Enhancements
  • Import Assemblies
  • Custom statuses for Sales Orders
  • Custom statuses for Assemblies
  • Share report layouts
  • Sales shipments improvements

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B2B Store Enhancements

Display stock levels

Choose to display your stock availability in your B2B Store. If you’re a Premium or Premium Plus customer with multiple warehouses, you can also further display stock levels across your warehouses.

Display estimated stock arrival time

Estimated date of arrival for out-of-stock products, is now also available to optionally display. This gives your customers more certainty when wanting to preorder out-of-stock items.

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Create custom statuses for Sales Orders and Assemblies

Customise your statuses for your sales orders and assemblies to better suit your own business processes and track your workflow with greater accuracy.

Learn more about custom statuses for Sales Orders.

Learn more about custom statuses for Assemblies.

October Enhancements
  • Share report layouts
  • Better manage sales shipments
  • Assign ship note templates to customers
  • BI – export data
  • Share costs across purchase orders
  • More information in View Customers
  • Create a combined picklist template
  • View supplier lead times for products
  • Add purchase costs to your purchase orders

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Security Update: 2-Step Authentication

2-step authentication (2SA) makes it harder for attackers to access your data and drastically reduces your risk of data loss, fraud or identity theft. This is particularly important when dealing with live, cloud-based data that’s essential to your business.

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B2B Multiple Customer Contacts

You can now grant B2B Store access to multiple contacts per customer account. Each user will have user specific information and be able to use their individual login — no need to share access!

This is great for your customers who have multiple people ordering from you, or for large, complex organisations such as franchises.

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September Enhancements
  • View Sales Orders against Auto Assemblies
  • View serial and batch numbers on the product page

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Business Intelligence – Production

Production is the latest context for the BI module. It helps you gain powerful insight into your manufacturing processes and output using your product and assembly data. You’ll discover metrics such as:

  • Value of wastage
  • On-time assembly
  • Avg. cost per assembly
  • Value of completed assemblies

Learn more about Production in:
BI Foundation
 | BI Vision

August Enhancements
  • Create Warehouse Transfers via the API
  • Serial and Batch numbers added to Doc Designer
  • Bulk print 3PL templates from Data Exporter

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B2B Store Enhancements

Three great enhancements to help you and your customers take advantage of your B2B Store:


Allow guest users as well as your registered customers to make credit card purchases from your B2B Store. Learn more

Manage Guest Access

Choose how your registered and guest customers interact with your B2B eCommerce Store. Learn more

Manage Backorders

Disable backorders for your customers so you can prevent them from seeing, ordering and purchasing out of stock items. Learn more

Business Intelligence

Drive successful decision making using the new Business Intelligence module in Unleashed. Dive deep into business data to gain instant clarity into your performance across customers, sales, purchases and inventory.

BI Vision takes it to the next level with the ability to crossfilter dimensions, drill down in graphs and more.

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International Commerce Codes

Record International Commerce Codes and other Customs required product information and be able to create compliant Commercial Invoices.

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July Enhancements
  • Edit ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’ warehouses for parked assemblies
  • Export Purchase Order data
  • Auto-assign serial and batch numbers when creating shipments

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June Enhancements
  • Auto-assign serial and batch numbers in Shopify
  • Show “Can Assemble” on the product page
  • Improvements to Purchase Enquiry report

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May Enhancements
  • Product links on the Purchase Order page
  • Product description in Stock Adjustments

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Easier supplier management

Supplier Quantity Price Breaks

Supplier Quantity Price Breaks help businesses apply supplier quantity pricing and discounts against products.

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Multiple supplier contacts

Add as many supplier contacts as you need to keep track of key contacts and ensure the right people are receiving your purchase orders.

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Sub Assembly

View, edit and share multi-layered Bill of Materials, and create one assembly per finished product. With Sub Assemblies comes better visibility around assembled products so you can automate assemblies to save time and keep your entire manufacturing process in Unleashed.

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Unleashed Sales App: Android Release

Empower your sales team with the freedom and flexibility to make sales, work efficiently and deepen their relationship with their customer outside the office.

The Unleashed Sales App is now available on Android and Apple so all our users can capture sales opportunities on the go!

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Label Printing from Sales Orders

Print labels from the Sales Order View and from the Customer Orders tab — just look under the action cog. You can also download individual PDF files or all the label files as a ZIP file for multiple product labels.

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Perfect inventory control

Set Product Delivery Dates on Purchase Orders
Set the delivery date for each product on a Purchase Order for different expected delivery dates.

Lead Times for Suppliers and Products
Better manage which suppliers to choose for your product purchases by recording standard lead times against each. Record a lead time for suppliers and products to predict the delivery date of your purchases.

Speed up workflows

Record and filter printed transactions
Record when a transaction has been printed and even filter by this new printed status. This allows you to easily see what orders have been printed and sent to the warehouse, emailed to your supplier and more.

Quick Actions Keyboard Shortcuts
Skip navigating the sidebar menu and use the quick action keyboard shortcut (ctrl + .) instead. This allows you to easily search for your next action, whether it’s creating a sales order or looking up a customer.

Select multiple report filters
Select multiple filters to get exactly what you want on your business reports.

B2B eCommerce: Guest Access

With guest access, the Unleashed B2B Store becomes an even more powerful marketing tool. You can showcase your products to your prospective customers in an easy to manage, mobile-friendly catalogue without requiring them to create an account.

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Pack a punch with pricing

Show customer discount
When you give your customers’ discounts, you will now have the option in Unleashed to show the discount on the Sales Order so both parties have greater transparency over pricing.

Flexible pricing with the Sell Price Tier
We’ve added more flexibility to help with your pricing strategy. Base discounts on your customers’ Sell Price Tiers.

Xero tracking categories update

We updated the Xero Tracking Categories configuration section so you can now pass tracking category data from Unleashed to Xero for your Sales Orders, Sales Journal and Purchase Orders.

B2B eCommerce Platform Updates

Custom homepage
Customise your Store with a homepage that includes a carousel banner, featured categories and popular product section.

Content pages
Create flexible content pages that give you the opportunity to share important information, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies and shipping information.

Custom email templates
Customise email templates and link them to statuses in Unleashed. At each new stage of the transaction, it automatically sends an email to your customer.

B2B eCommerce platform updates

Standing Orders
Your customers can now automate their recurring orders with the new Standing Orders feature. This will allow them to set a recurring order at a specific frequency.

Bulk Cart Upload
With the bulk cart upload feature, your customers can upload a large order straight to their cart instead of painstakingly adding each item from the catalogue.

Xero enhancements

Set credit limits and Configure tracking categories in Unleashed. Email Xero invoices from Unleashed. 

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B2B eCommerce platform updates
  • B2B Multiple admins
  • B2B Customer catalogues and categories
  • B2B Multi-warehouse
  • B2B Favourite products tags
Label and Barcode Printing

Users can now print product labels. Start by creating a new product label template in the Doc Designer: customise the fields and attributes, add images or even a company logo. You can now select products that you want to print labels for.

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Data Exporter

Use the Data Exporter to extract information from Unleashed. You’ll be able to extract sales order information and other related details such as their customer code. If your business has a 3PL partner, the Data Exporter will allow you to create templates for your 3PL.

B2B eCommerce portal

Unleashed users can give their customers a seamless buying experience with our B2B eCommerce portal. Streamline your interactions with customers by making the entire B2B ordering process efficient and minimises costly errors. 

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Amazon Integration

Unleashed’s Amazon integration is a complete eCommerce solution that connects your Amazon store to your Unleashed account so you can set up online stores to sell your goods, organise your products, customise your storefront and more! This integration streamlines your inventory management requirements for their Amazon store. 

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Document Designer

Our Document Designer gets a major upgrade, allowing users to have greater flexibility over their customisable templates. Now with barcode support, page orientation, greater control over each element and more!

Email History

To simplify your businesses processes, Unleashed allows you to email your transactions to your warehouse, supplier or customer. Users can also view the email log for complete transparency on each transaction. Manage your emails better for accurate historical records and internal reporting.

Quantity Discounts

Speed up sales processes with the flexibility to apply special discounts. Quantity Discounts allows you to easily apply special discounts for each product based on a minimum quantity. 

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Customer Pricing

If you have specific product prices for certain customers, you might have to maintain multiple and complex spreadsheets with all the customer details, the products they purchase, and their percentage or fixed discounts.

Customer Pricing simplifies the special pricing process for you by removing reliance on manual spreadsheets and reducing the chances of errors being made, including the wrong prices and quotes being given to your customers.

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Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning reduces manual input, helping you to have the correct products in the correct quantities reflected in your system, whether you’re receipting goods, or just doing a stock count.

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Purchase Order Recosting

Purchase order recosting allows you to include additional costs and update your margins after you receipt your goods into inventory. This means no more waiting for that final transport invoice to come through before adding your stock to your inventory and selling it! 

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Product Attributes

Easily set Product Attributes on all your products to save time and improve product data visibility. Product Attributes can enhance your system of record by capturing important reference data. For example, you can add key attributes such as country of origin, model, and tariff code.

Document Designer new templates

New templates for Credit Notes and Assemblies added to Document Designer.

Multi-store support for Shopify Integration

Manage more than one Shopify store with our multi-store integration. Dispatch your orders rapidly and have the freedom to pool or isolate your stock, enabling you to gain real-time visibility of stock from all your warehouses. 

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Supplier Returns for Costed Purchase Orders

You can now create supplier returns for purchase orders with added costs.

Dashboard can be based on financial year data

The Dashboard can be configured to display details for the Financial Year.

Include assembled quantities in stock levels sent to integrations

For Shopify, Vend, and Magento integrations, a new option to include assembled quantities in stock levels is available on the Configuration tab.

Print combined pick list for multiple Sales Orders

Select multiple sales orders and use the Bulk Actions cog to print the combined picklist.

New API endpoints

New API endpoints added: Assemblies, Credits and updated Sales Orders with POST/PUT/GET Serial and Batch Numbers in Orders and Shipments.

Never Diminishing Products on a Purchase Order

Ability to add never diminishing products that does not require tracking or reporting to Purchase Orders. You can also specify an expense account to use when purchasing Never Diminishing products. Learn more about Never Diminishing Products.

Bulk Assign Batch and Serial Numbers to Sales Orders

Ability to Bulk Assign Batch and Serial Numbers to Sales Orders on the View Sales Order page or on the Order Lines.

Multiple Customers Contact

Maintain your customers’ contact information in one place.

Shopify Integration

Grow your Shopify store with Unleashed. Gain detailed insight into your sales margins with the freedom of knowing what stock you have and where you have it, eliminating costly stock outs.

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Freight and Charges

Take advantage of the most accurate sales reporting available on the market today, with Freight and Charges that are not included in your margins. 

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Salesforce Integration

Keep all your customer information in one place – a record of all your tasks, interactions and product sales inside of Salesforce. Keep your customers happy with reduced warehouse processing times and faster dispatches.

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Supplier Price Books

Maintain pricing from all suppliers with unique product codes and descriptions. 

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The ability to breakdown products into multiple components manually or automatically. 

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New API Site

New API site design and documentation update. 

Check it out here

Dashboard Data

Ability to toggle how sales data is calculated on the dashboard.

Serial Tracking in Production

Ability to use serial numbers in the production module.

Import Batch and Serial Numbers

The ability to import batch and serial numbers in bulk when setting up. 

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New Stock Counts

Count stock by product groups on a perpetual basis. Keep business as usual while running a stock count on one product. Never over or under order again by doing counts by supplier. Eliminate bias when auditing inventory with blind counts. Complete a stock count in your own time, and upload it when you’re ready

Product Tour

Take a tour of Unleashed from within the browser showcasing what it can do, going through some of the key features Unleashed has to offer.

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Mobile Sales App

Unleashed’s mobile sales app is a business’s inventory on an iPhone – create sales, call customers and check inventory levels using our intuitive app. Makes sales with easy product selection and send them straight to the warehouse for immediate order processing.

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Assembly costs

Unleashed customers who manufacture can add expenses like services, processing or packaging costs to their assembled products, to see its true costs and margins.

Per warehouse controls

Reordering inventory that’s running low is simple – per warehouse controls give minimum inventory level alerts on product lines by warehouse, so a business can create a purchase order to replenish that stock with one click.

Notification center

The notification center displays feature updates and system messages for each user, so our customer’s never miss an important message.

Batch number tracking

Assign batch numbers to products that have been purchased or manufactured together, so you can easily track and trace where you product has come from, and where it is going. Includes expiration alerts on the Dashboard and batch tracking reporting.


Multiple Costs of Goods Sold accounts can be imported directly from your accounting provider, so Unleashed customers can code the COGS account of their choice to any product. This makes it easier to determine margins for each product line, and focus on the best-selling products.

Metric and Imperial measurements

Adding imperial measurements makes it easier for Unleashed’s global customers to work with the measurements their customers use too.

New UI

Unleashed overhauled its user interface to make it more intuitive, with faster access to our customer’s favorite pages via our Quicklinks addition.

Serial number tracking

Assign serial numbers to individual products to track parts, warranties and returns. Unleashed’s in-depth reporting allows for greater than ever product tracking and oversight, with serial numbers displayed on ship notes for greater visibility for your customers.

Tax refactor

Unleashed completed a major overhaul of taxes, in particular to streamline the setup and processing of taxes for accounts not connected to an accounting provider, providing better options for how businesses use Unleashed.

QuickBooks Online integration

The full release of our QBO integration with setup wizards and export lists allows for greater choice in accounting softwares for Unleashed users, with full control of exported information to keep accounts balanced.

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4 decimal places

4DP for pricing within Unleashed optimizes your precision with pricing information, and brings Unleashed’s pricing in line with other softwares we integrate with for better data consistency.

Sales invoices

Separating invoices from sales orders means that an invoice can be completed and sent to an accounting provider while a sales order is still open. This means businesses can invoice their customers before an order is dispatched, also partially invoice sales and create invoices from shipments. With added reporting for invoices, this gives greater clarity to making sales.

Sales quotes

Unleashed customers can create sales quotes, report on their quotes to see which result in sales, track the status of quotes on the Dashboard, and quickly create a sales order from a quote when it’s accepted. Sales quotes means Unleashed customers have expanded options in the sales process.

Deallocate stock

If stock is allocated to a sale that does not have to be dispatched for quite some time, a business can choose to deallocate that stock, freeing it up for use on another sale. This provides greater control of how inventory is used in Unleashed.

Markup prices

Set sell prices of products based on a pre-defined markup percentage; choose from the landed cost, last cost, purchase price or the default sell price. No more manual calculations when setting sell price tiers.

Product images

Add a product image to a product record for a quick visual reference of stock items – browse products by image to find the right one, or use it as a simple digital showroom.

Coded stock adjustments

Businesses can keep precise records of stock movements and loss by adding an accounting code, either as an expense or revenue, to a stock adjustment. For example, code damaged stock to a wastage account in an integrated accounting software.

Custom payment terms

Businesses can create custom payment terms that can be assigned to individual customers, for extra flexibility to meet customer needs.

Multiple account access

Expanding businesses often choose to have more than one Unleashed account for the clearest view of their inventory at each location, so we’ve made it possible to easily switch between accounts with the one username.


Backordering puts out-of-stock items on a sales order to be supplied to your customer when available, and also allows a purchase order to be created from a backordered sale, so you can better meet your customers needs.


Multiple shipments can be created for one order – tying in nicely with the backordering function, so stock can be dispatched as it becomes available. Assign a shipping company and create a customized ship note for your customer, the overall process of picking and packing is improved.

Backorder Enquiry and Shipment Enquiry

New reports to match the new sales and dispatch functionalities, to ensure you have the best overall view of your business’s processes.

Clone sale orders and purchases

For repeat transactions, the clone function for sales and purchases means all the product and customer details are replicated in a new transaction, cutting down on manual input of data.

Supplier change codes

If your supplier code is incorrect or they change names, this allows you to easily change that code, either individually or in bulk.

Supplier returns

When businesses return a purchase back to their supplier, Unleashed can reverse it by updating stock levels and financials with the accounting provider, keeping accounts balanced.

Product code changes

Sometimes a supplier changes their product codes, or the business needs to change theirs. Unleashed customers can make the change quickly and easily through individual changes or with a bulk upload that makes the process smoother.

Clone product details

When businesses create new products that are similar or near identical to existing ones, they can save time by cloning all of the product’s settings in Unleashed except the product code and description.

User customized reporting

Individual Unleashed users can create and save customized reports that have the data values of your choice and allow you to filter by any category so users can have the report they want, every time.

Document Designer

Businesses can create unlimited customized documents to assign to customers and suppliers to cater for each purchaser’s needs.

Action cogs

A handy little tool next to transactions which displays a list of actions to choose from and complete to speed up business’s workflows.

Visual Dashboard

Get an overview of your business’s performance at a glance, every time you log in to Unleashed. Our Visual Dashboard features profitability graphs and outstanding transaction alerts for actionable tasks.

Tax on foreign currencies

Businesses importing and exporting globally can now be sure the right tax is applied to each transaction. Setting a foreign tax rate as the default for customers and suppliers saves time manually resetting rates.

Vend integration

Unleashed’s firm integration with Vend’s Point-of-Sales solution keeps stock levels exact for on the spot sales in fast-moving retail environments.

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Bin Locations

Unleashed customers are able to speed up their picking and packing by knowing the exact location of their stock on hand in the warehouse. Assigned bin locations are printed on packing slips for faster order processing.

Magento Integration

Unleashed customers can connect to Magento’s eCommerce platform to ensure accurate stock data, meaning there is no risk of over selling resulting in unhappy customers.

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Open API

Our open API allows our customers to connect their Unleashed data to all their business management solutions, making sure the information they need is accurate at all times.

Auto-assembly for Production

Auto-assembly gives businesses the ability to kit products in Unleashed before they are physically assembled, to enhance and speed up the sales process. It also shows how much of an assembled product can be produced based on existing component stock, cutting down on time-consuming manual calculations.

Perpetual stocktaking

A stock take that freezes a warehouse’s entire inventory for a physical count and reports any inventory variance. This allows for reliable inventory data that outlines any unexpected stock losses.

Xero Export List

The Xero export list enables faster accounting with an easier ability to balance books on an ongoing basis. Unleashed users can quickly reconcile their accounts with Xero with transparency and control.

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