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Capture all costs of production for more accurate margin reporting.

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Production planning takes time and can be cumbersome, but crucial in managing supply and demand. Speed up the process of product planning so you can avoid delays in fulfilling sales orders.

  • Speed up production planning process
    Unleashed can automatically calculate how much/many raw materials you will need to create a finished product. So you can leave behind spreadsheets and manual calculations.
  • Plan ahead for production
    Plan for future production as Unleashed calculates how much/many you can assemble based on stock on hand and predetermined Bill of Materials (BOM) for production.
What is Bill of Materials?

No more hidden production costs

Hidden production costs can impact your margin accuracy, giving false indication of your business profitability.

  • Record production waste
    Get accurate insight into the wastage cost per finished product for better reporting on your margins.
  • Capture all production costs
    Record all costs associated with production, including third party/contract manufacturing costs, consultancy fees, and logistics. Automatically process payable invoices as Assemblies are completed.

Production with flexibility

Having the flexibility to remove or substitute raw materials/components during production is crucial for some industries such as breweries.

  • Assemblies on the fly
    Remove or substitute raw materials/components as frequently used raw materials are out of stock, no longer available, or as you try new recipes. Having the flexibility to adjust on the fly can you save time and avoid delay in production.
  • Traceability
    Use Unleashed’s Assemblies process to apply serial and batch number tracking to your inventory, so you can account for your goods from purchase to sale.

Bundle products & kit sets

Automatically assemble product bundles or kit sets and save time. Reserve all items that make up the product bundle/kit set as the order is entered into the system, making sure you have what you need to build the finished products.

Unleashed’s Auto Assembly is useful for assembling products with a set range of components; for example, a gift basket that always has wine, chocolates and candles.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Essential breakdown of components required to assemble or create a finished product.

  • Manage your recipes easily
    Create and maintain your recipes in one central location. Have the flexibility to adjust your BOMs as components are no longer available, or substitute components are used for more cost effective production.
  • Avoid production delays
    Remove the guesswork out of production by having an accurate list and quantity of components required to assemble a product, including packaging materials. When components are not available, production can come to a halt as you locate missing parts, causing delays.
  • Avoid additional costs
    Unleashed calculates how much/many components are required for production. Having accuracy on inventory means you can make sure you have the right components and quantities for assemblies. When components are not available, you may have to quickly source or find a substitute from elsewhere at a higher cost.
  • Improve company’s bottom line
    Having the wrong components or wrong quantities may leave you with unusable components or extra stock, tying up money in inventory and potentially impacting your bottom line. For companies running lean, these mistakes can be costly and time wasting.


Contact us today if you have more questions about how Assemblies can work for your business.

  • How is the cost of an assembly calculated?

    The value of the assembled product, also considered the cost of an assembly, is calculated by totaling the average landed cost of the components outlined on the Bill of Materials.

  • Can you reverse an assembly once it is created?

    Yes, you can use Disassembly to reverse an assembly once it is created. Disassembly in Unleashed enables you to break down a product into its components i.e. for repair or warranty purposes.

  • What happens when Can Auto Assemble is enabled?

    It will automatically create an assembly linked to a product on an order, when there is not enough stock on hand available to complete the order.

  • Why can’t a Sales Order be completed when a product has Auto Assembled enabled?

    This usually occurs when there is not enough stock on hand available against your components to complete the assembly request.

  • What are component products?

    Component products are raw materials or items used to create a finished product as instructed in a Bill of Materials.

  • Can I bulk create or import Bill of Materials (BOM)?

    Yes, you can either clone an existing BOM or use the import template to create multiple BOM’s at once.

  • Where does the unit cost amount come from when creating a Bill of Materials?

    The value in the Unit Cost field that appears when entering a BOM is the average cost of the component product as calculated by Unleashed and shown in the Details or Costs tab of each product.

  • Can I delete a Bill of Materials once it is created?

    You can delete a BOM however only before it is used on an assembly.