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Manufacturing Process Bliss

Manage your manufacturing process with bills of materials, assemblies, kitted product functionality and production planning.

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Bills of Materials Management

Unleashed provides a centralised location for managing your recipes and Bills of Materials.

Keep track of all your assembled products as well as the quantity of components required for production.

Manufacturing Process Management

Assemble your goods and build products from components. Unleashed ensures that the quantities and cost of components are included in the finished product.

Unleashed provides an accurate reflection of the manufacturing process, ensuring you maintain accuracy for your accounting records.

Planning for production

By creating manufacturing assemblies in Unleashed, you create demand for that stock. This ensures you can efficiently plan and purchase the necessary stock for each assembly.

Maintain visibility through a Reorder Report to help you work out the necessary components needed for assemblies.

“That’s one of my favourite things about Unleashed: Being able to see really accurate margins for products. That really helps with making decisions about promotions.”


Third Party Assembly Costs

Third party costs are any additional costs apart from the cost of the component themselves, such as a third party logistics provider. With Unleashed, you are able to add these additional costs to the manufacturing assembly process to get an accurate assembled product cost.

Kitset Production

Manage auto-assembled products with Unleashed by setting up a Bill of Material for each kitset, allowing you to build kitsets on the fly.

Unleashed automates these processes to save time so you can focus on growing your business.


Unleashed’s disassembly feature allows you to reverse the assembly process, as well as breakdown products automatically from purchase. Perfect if you are buying stock in bulk and need to break it down into individual components.

Unleashed takes care of the disassembly automatically and spreads the purchase cost across all the different components.

Production FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Production can work for your business.

This can currently be managed in Unleashed using a manual approach, by assembling the first level manually, followed by the second level, then the third – all depending on how many product Bill of Material levels you have. In summary, Unleashed is currently best suited for light manufacturing.

Yes! To do so, simply add a product into Unleashed, ensuring the Never Diminishing and Component Product are switched on. This will allow you to search for your Never Diminishing product when creating your Bill of Materials.

There are two options. First, by completing the sales order and Unleashed will take care of the rest. Or secondly, you can choose to manually select to assemble it within the sales order. You cannot go “into” the assembly to “complete” it, this has been done by design. The reason for this is that we want to prevent a situation where an assembly is “completed”, yet the sales order isn’t ready to go out – and in the meantime your stock goes missing (e.g. theft).