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What is Serial Number Tracking?

Serial Number Tracking is a system which enables you to track any product, item or component in your inventory — from inception right through to sale. Using a unique identification number, it gives you indispensable visibility of where your products have been, so you can rest easy knowing inventory traceability is taken care of.

Know where your products are

Track any product with just a few clicks. Our cloud-based solution means you can locate any individual product within your business, at any time, from anywhere. You can do away with manual cross-referencing and error-prone spreadsheets.

Simple Set Up

When creating or editing a product in Unleashed, you will have the option to add a serial number. It will then always be assigned to that particular product for complete traceability.

Add Purchase Costs

Introduce an extra level of accuracy by recording unique identification numbers for products. Unleashed understands all universal formats — use the standards that work for you.

Straightforward Reporting

Easily report on products by warehouse, availability, product code and more. Gain an in-depth insight into your stock by assigning unique serial numbers.

Document Serial Numbers at Sale

Choose which serial numbers to assign to products at the point of sale, in ship notes or on sales invoices.

Meet compliance requirements

Use the serial number enquiry tool to demonstrate complete accountability for your products, for quality and compliance purposes.

Speed up returns and warranties

Reliably manage returns and warranties through accurate records.

Accelerated Warning and Recall Processes

Quickly and easily identify the lifecycle of your product to ensure you are meeting compliance and warranty requirements in your industry.
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Serial Number Tracking FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Serial Number Tracking could work for your business.
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You cannot edit a serial number, but you can remove any product with an incorrect serial number and add it again correctly.
Although you cannot execute a product recall directly, you can use our Serial Number & Batch Tracking Enquiry Reports to gather all the information you require so that you can make contact with the affected customers. Depending on the circumstances, you can then produce credits to issue refunds, or make stock adjustments if sending out replacements.
Yes, this can be done by using the product master record, where you can select the option to serialise or batch track the product. You can serialise both the component product as well as the assembled product. When tracking by serial number, the serial number for each product needs to be entered in assembly.
Yes, you can. Unleashed automatically displays serial numbers on sales invoices.