Unleashed Referral Partner Programme


To become an Unleashed Referral Partner, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the online Referral Partner registration, and opt-in to receive ongoing marketing communications from Unleashed;
  • Accept these Terms of Agreement, and the Unleashed Terms and Conditions of use;
  • Nominate at least one employee who completes the required Partner introduction session.

Unleashed reserves the right to accept or decline any organisation applying to become a Referral Partner.

Upon registration as an Unleashed Referral Partner, the following Terms of Agreement shall apply:

Unleashed will:

  • Provide access to an Unleashed Referral Partner portal account*;
  • Provide an introductory online session (approximately 1 hour) for your nominated employees;
  • Provide Unleashed onboarding assistance for your referred client(s);
  • Provide an online sales consultation session for qualified potential clients as requested;
  • Provide introductions to Unleashed Implementation Partners where applicable;
  • Provide applicable collateral, online resources and support to assist in educating your employees and clients about Unleashed;
  • Assist in complaint resolutions.

*Note your Partner Portal account is for the purposes of acquisition, training, advice and support of clients who have subscribed or are assessing an Unleashed subscription. You agree that this account is not to be used to undertake any task (provided free or otherwise) that would normally require the client to have a user licence themselves to perform those tasks in the natural running of their business.

You will:

  • Actively refer and promote Unleashed to relevant employees and clients. This may include a dedicated landing page on your website with logos and links to the Unleashed website;
  • Promote Unleashed in a manner consistent with the Unleashed values (as detailed here);
  • Provide advisory services to your clients regarding Unleashed, and where relevant, provide client onboarding assistance in conjunction with Unleashed. Note, if you or your firm would like to be involved in implementing Unleashed you need to apply to become an Implementation Partner here);
  • Ensure that, at all times, one or more of your employees is active as an Unleashed Referral Partner. This includes aiming to refer a minimum of 1 valid client lead per quarter through your Partner Portal;
  • Actively engage when contacted by your Unleashed Partner Manager;
  • Comply with the Unleashed Terms and Conditions, which are deemed to be part of these Terms of Agreement. If there are any inconsistencies between these Terms of Agreement and the Unleashed Terms and Conditions, Unleashed will resolve these at our discretion.

These Terms of Agreement shall continue until terminated by either party on giving one month’s written notice. Unleashed may vary these Terms of Agreement at any time.