Integrate with Unleashed, and help make inventory management better.

Enhance Unleashed and your application using our API, and get your creation in front of thousands of new users.

Become an Integration Partner

Grow your business

We ensure that all our users know about the integrations they can use to customise Unleashed.

Seamlessly sync

Develop with the Unleashed API to save users time, generating happier and stickier customers.

Work closely with us

We’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way: from ideation to creation, to well after your integration is live.

Why should I become an Integration Partner?

Feature on

Promote your integration in our Marketplace, where users are searching for new features.

Feature in our platform

Get a page tile on our list of integrations in the platform itself.

Get great feedback

We believe in building a strong relationship to help you create the best integration possible.

Powerful integration

Our API enables you to access almost all of Unleashed’s functionality.

Demo your integration

Show our marketing and sales teams why they should be talking about your add-on.

Thought leadership

Write about your integration on our Inventory Blog, and talk about it on our podcast.

Access engaged users

The average Unleashed customer enhances their platform with at least 7 add-ons.

Custom integrations

Link your existing application to Unleashed, or create entirely new functionality.

How to become an Integration Partner

1. Register your interest

Fill out the form with details about your business and why you’re applying to be an integration partner.

2. We’ll assess your application

Once we have received your application, we will complete an initial assessment to make sure you’d be a good fit.

3. Explore Partnership

We will get in touch with you to further discuss partnership potential and how we could work together.

Make sure to take a look at our API docs before you start creating anything.

Expression of interest


  • Where can I find your API documentation?

    You’ll find all the documentation you’ll need to create a new integration on our API microsite. That includes details of how to get started, which resources within Unleashed your application can edit and view, and sample code.

    Visit the API site.

  • Will I receive support?

    Yes. Make sure to include a client-type header in all your requests to our API (for example, client-type: companyname). This means we’ll be able to easily track and troubleshoot any issues that arise with your integration.

  • Do I need an Unleashed account to create an integration?

    You’ll need either a full Unleashed account or an Unleashed trial account.

    If you need to extend your trial, just contact our support team with the email you use to log in. We’ll amend your details so that your trial runs for as long as you need it.