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The Unleashed
Manufacturing Health Index

Welcome to the home of the Unleashed Manufacturing Health Index, a quarterly report on the performance of global SME manufacturing

Report Highlights - Q4 2023

Global profitability recovering

Manufacturers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand all recorded their highest profit margins for 11 quarters.

'Just in time' strategies returning – for now

Steadily dropping lead times from suppliers allowed firms to free up cash flow by reducing ‘just in case’ stock levels.

Demand exceeded expectations

74% of manufacturing leaders surveyed say demand for their products in Q4 either exceeded or matched expectations.

But high costs are still hurting

The high cost of goods and energy is the leading concern amongst manufacturers for 2024, with 64% of those surveyed raising the issue. 

About the report

The Manufacturing Health Index is a quarterly report that assesses SME manufacturer performance using a big data approach. Results are based on the performance of a cohort of 2,600 manufacturers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand that use Unleashed software to manage their operations. Findings are calculated using Unleashed’s secure records of every purchase, sale and stock movement made between Q2 2021 and the present date for each business – and presented in conjunction with interview and survey data from a panel of supply chain experts and business leaders.

About Unleashed

Unleashed is the world’s most-loved inventory management software – a cloud based platform used by thousands of businesses in more than 100 countries. With complete control of all purchasing, production, warehousing and sales workflows, Unleashed helps you save time, free-up cash flow, and dramatically boost productivity.

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