How Unleashed helps health and supplement manufacturers

Unleashed helps health and supplement manufacturers keep track of the inventory wellbeing
– the secret formula for optimal blends.

Assemble product
kit sets / bundles
Multiple sell
price tiers
Capture all
production costs
Custom recipes
(Bill of Materials)

The secret formula for your health and supplement manufacturing.

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Traceability through all stages of production

Batch tracking of your inventory from ingredients origin to finished products sold

Keep an eye on best-before and expiry dates so you can move your products on first-in-first-out basis

Speed up recall and warning processes, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements.


Manage production efficiently

Automatically assemble product bundles or kit sets with Unleashed Auto Assembly. Reserve items that make up the product kit set/bundle to make sure you have what you need to build the finished products

Fulfil sales orders faster, automatically calculate how much raw materials are required for production and reduce production time

Manage your formula recipes efficiently with Unleashed’s Bill of Materials (BOM) to minimize waste and reduce costs.

Don’t just take our word for it –
our customers Unleashed!

“Unleashed is the first thing we turn on and the last thing we turn off each day.”

John LintottBroady’s

“Unleashed is a solution that can grow with the business.”

It’s very easy-to-use and satisfies all the requirements for a business focused on manufacturing and selling.

Greg Small – Zeffer Cider

“Unleashed is a tool everyone tracking stock should be using.”

We find it an excellent tool for tracking sales but also find the reporting capabilities are second to none.

Daniel Plested – Triumph & Disaster

“It gives me the ability to manage 71000 items, believe it or not!”

I recommend Unleashed for the flexibility it gives you. I can be a large company but I can be a one man band.

Jane Gower – Feature NZ Gardening Tools

Batch tracking through health and supplement manufacturing journey

Supplements process

Greater control of your business

Preset tier pricing based on your customers’ buying pattern

Get low stock alerts so you don’t fall below minimum stock levels on raw materials or get caught out of stock on your most popular products.

Capture all costs of production, including third party/contract manufacturing and packaging costs, to improve margin accuracy

Monitor your margins and stock movement at a quick glance with Unleashed’s Dashboard.

Unleashed leverages the global apps ecosystem to maximize your health and supplement manufacturing success.

Unleashed integrates with leading accounting (Xero and Quickbooks), CRM (Salesforce), eCommerce (Vend, Shopify and Magento), POS (Vend and Shopify) and analytics platforms (Lokad) to enable a seamless end-to-end solution.

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