April 10, 2014    < 1 min read

There’s a new member of the Unleashed integration family: welcome Zeald!

Specialising in pretty much everything to do with website design, Zeald have been creating practical website that meet clients’ needs since 2001. They’ve worked with clients from a broad range of industries, and they have built up a loyal base of businesses that enjoy their fantastic service and results-driven approach.

Pairing Unleashed with Zeald makes for a compelling ecommerce solution. This integration brings world-leading inventory software to a customizable website solution for business. This is brilliant for any businesses that are looking to revamp their website!

If you’re already using Zeald’s website service, this strong, seamless connection will bring Unleashed’s features through to your ecommerce side and help to enhance your inventory accuracy.

Zeald have put together a page all about the Unleashed integration and how it could work for your business.

Check out this quick tutorial if you’d like an understanding of how to set up the integration and what fields are synced between the two systems.