October 6, 2010    2 min read

Last nights’ update of Unleashed included a major update to the Xero API integration.  We decided to revisit the integration and make it faster and even more seamless than ever before!  One of the initial challenges we faced was to ensure the user experience was seamless and promoted workflow efficiencies beyond just basic inventory control.  Now with the improved integration we have a solution that works perfectly for many different industries and market segments ranging from start-ups right through to larger wholesale distribution type companies with turnover in excess of $5 million.

The uptake of Unleashed to date has been phenomenal, we have clients jumping on board with a complete cloud based SaaS solution converting from systems in the ERP  Tier 1 and Tier 2 space!  You can read about some of our phenomenal success stories on our clients page http://unleashedsoftware.com/clients

Using an integrated system like Xero and Unleashed can give you the best of both worlds.  You get to have an accounting system that focuses on what it does best, and a best of breed application like Unleashed to manage all your stock and inventory functions.

The challenge for us as developers is to make the two systems work in a seamless and harmonious way which enhances the user experience. Recently we lifted the lid on the integration between Unleashed and Xero and improved the performance of the integration significantly.

From a users perspective there really isn’t too much to see as all the work is done in the background.  The experience that you have with the integrated solution however is enhanced with the perfect flow of information without interruption of your daily workflow.  If you haven’t logged in and integrated your systems yet, try it now as we’re sure you’ll be impressed.