Wrapping Up the Year with a Hackathon

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Following our successful Hackathon last year, we held another Hackathon on 13 Dec. The aim of this was to explore creative solutions through technology.


Why a Hackathon?

We recognise that Hackathons are a great way to stimulate the creative muscles and problem-solving skills while introducing a healthy dose of competition. Our Hackathons are a great way for our developers to put their out-of-the-box ideas to the test.


What did we do?

Our devs split off into smaller groups and worked on projects outside their comfort zone. Many projects were targeted at helping us make better use of our resources, whether that is time, money, or even energy. Some teams did this by introducing new software programs or ways of working, while others worked on automating internal workflows to speed up processes.

Some of our devs explored AWS IoT and its implications for our customers’ warehousing, while another group played with Amazon’s Alexa to help carry out internal tasks like setting up weekly meetings.

This year’s Hackathon was a great way to wrap up the year and it was a testament to our developers’ creative spirit!

unleashed hackathon

unleashed hackathon

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