Why Even Software-as-a-Service Implementations Can Sometimes Fail

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Many businesses are making the move from on-premise software systems to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, and while this is mostly proving beneficial, there are some pitfalls that can occur after implementation.

Much like any software, every SaaS platform has its own strengths and weaknesses and, depending on a few variables, implementation often requires just as much planning. If you’re looking to change to a SaaS solution or just exploring the options, it’s a good idea to consider all the possible outcomes. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key reasons for SaaS implementation failures, and how to avoid them!

A lack of measurable objectives

Like with any important implementation, it’s necessary to have a clear plan in place. In order to successfully implement there needs to be an understanding of what that looks like, and how to measure it. Many implementation failures have been due to the lack of clear objectives and functional performance metrics.

For some businesses that have little or no experience with cloud computing, it can be a good idea to contract a third-party to assist with implementation. There are specialists in this field that have valuable hands-on experience – look for someone who has successfully implemented in a similar environment. An Unleashed partner would be ideal for this!

A lack of preparation and planning

Ideally, there should be both an Internal and External Project Manager assigned with the task of monitoring the implementation process. As mentioned above, if there is no one in-house who can develop a cloud strategy then it’s a good idea to contract someone to help.

Lack of planning is a common reason for implementations to fail and can’t be stressed enough. The time put into a comprehensive preparation will pay off when it comes time to go live.

A lack of sufficient training

There is often a lack of understanding in regards SaaS solutions and what constitutes sufficient training. While many SaaS platforms seem simple to use, they are still software and, like all software, require some training. It’s necessary to have a plan in place that ensures all staff get on board, and aren’t in the position of going live without a workable knowledge of the system.

Many implementation failures have been due to a lack in this area, and while some trial and error is inevitable, it can mostly be dealt with by sufficient planning. An Unleashed webinar is a great way to get started.

Internet Issues

As SaaS solutions are heavily dependent on internet access, it’s vitally important to have an agreement with your internet provider for uninterrupted service. One of the restrictions of SaaS can be this lack of offline capability, though there are some software-plus-service solutions that strike a balance between the two.

Lack of integration planning

For businesses who are adding a SaaS solution to their infrastructure alongside existing systems and software, there can be some hidden costs and system integration issues. This has led to some failures for companies who haven’t correctly assessed what is needed to facilitate the integration and how to achieve it. To reiterate a familiar point, correct planning is key.

Many SaaS providers can assist with integration, though there is sometimes an additional cost. As always, it pays to investigate this before signing up and, in case of unforeseen issues, have some strategies in place before going live.

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