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Unleashed software is an inventory management system that helps businesses be more efficient in their daily operations. It does this by centralising and streamlining many of the tasks involved in managing inventory stock. Unleashed empowers you to sell more products while reducing costs and eliminating waste across the business.

This guide presents a complete overview of Unleashed software: What it is, who it’s for, and the core features and benefits of Unleashed for businesses.

What is Unleashed software?

Unleashed software is a cloud-based inventory management system that helps you keep track of all your parts, products, and materials. It provides instant visibility across all stock and sales, so you can get more work done in less time – at a lower cost.

Because Unleashed is a perpetual inventory system, it updates your stock levels in real time. This enables you to better understand your purchasing needs, instantly, without having to perform a manual count of every item first.

Unleashed also automates repetitive manual processes involved in the management of goods, from populating a purchase order to reporting on multiple sales channels. These added efficiencies help companies save time and reduce their labour and operational costs.

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A short history of Unleashed

Unleashed software was established by former co-founder, Greg Murphy, over 10 years ago. Greg recognised that the wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing sector was in desperate need of more streamlined process management when it came to supply, production, inventory, and sales.

What began as a simple inventory management system has been consistently improved and upgraded to become what it is today: a robust and powerful inventory solution that services the entire day-to-day operations of 1000+ successful firms around the world.

Unleashed was acquired in 2020 by UK software firm, The Access Group. The acquisition of Unleashed added another notch in the belt to The Access Group’s growing suite of complementary ERP products.

Who is Unleashed software for?

Unleashed software is a cross-functional tool used by multiple departments across dozens of sectors. It acts as a central source of information for each link in the supply chain – aiding the humans behind those links.

Here’s a brief overview of the individuals and industries that can benefit from Unleashed software.

Roles of Unleashed users

Here are some of the roles that can benefit from using Unleashed software:

  • Inventory managers – Boost inventory accuracy, avoid data duplication, and track stock through the supply chain in real time. Create powerful inventory reports to proactively identify where waste is occurring and manage stock more efficiently.
  • Purchasing managers – Automate replenishment with pre-populated bulk purchase orders for low-stock items and use Unleashed to determine your optimal min and max reorder levels for every stock-keeping unit (SKU).
  • Salespeople – Sell with confidence and avoid missed opportunities thanks to always-accurate stock levels. Use the Unleashed mobile app to check what’s in stock and where to find it whether you’re in the shop or out on the road.
  • Production managers – Build an accurate picture of your production costs to understand your true margins for each product. Optimise your production planning and reordering processes, plus improve product traceability with batch and serial number tracking.
  • Production line workers – Easily manage and assemble single- and multi-level bills of materials. Understand exactly which raw materials and parts are needed for each assembly – and where they’re located.
  • Warehouse assistants – Speed up your order picking, receiving, and packing processes with total clarity across what’s coming in and going out of the warehouse. Integrate Unleashed with barcode scanners to improve order accuracy and shorten fulfilment times.
  • Procurement managers – Compare supplier lead times and manage all your vendors in one place. Analyse key vendor information at a glance, including pricing, address details, and contact information.
  • Finance managers – Simplify financial reporting and eliminate data duplication. Unleashed helps you accurately determine the value of your on-hand inventory at any time. Integrate with your preferred cloud accounting software to easily reconcile sales with stock changes.
  • Business advisors and accountants – Empower your clients to be more productive and reduce the costs of doing business. Support their growth by helping them automate repetitive inventory tasks.

Unleashed can be used by all types of employees.

Because it’s managed on the cloud, you can enjoy multiple user access from anywhere in the world – so all your staff are across any updates, and they always know what to do next.

Industries that use Unleashed

Whether you’re selling to other businesses or direct-to-consumer (D2C), Unleashed software offers the flexibility and easy-to-use functionality to suit your unique workflows.

Here are some of the sectors we support (click the links below to learn more):

Don’t see your industry mentioned above? Reach out to our friendly support staff today to find out if Unleashed software is the right solution for you.

10 benefits of Unleashed software

So, why do so many successful companies around the world love using Unleashed?

Besides the obvious perks – perpetual stock control, an easy-to-use interface, and stress-free order fulfilment – Unleashed offers many benefits for small and larger businesses alike. Below are some of the top reasons why Unleashed could be the right fit for your business.

Unleashed software dashboard

1. Slash admin time with easy automation

Efficiency is all about becoming a more productive business. But improving your bottom line is the cherry on top.

Unleashed helps you do that by transforming your manual processes into fast, accurate workflows that can be triggered automatically – drastically lowering administrative time so you can focus more on revenue-generating activities.

2. Reduce inventory storage and production costs

Unleashed gives users the ability to maximise storage space without understocking. When your stock levels are optimised and updated live on the cloud, you’re in a position to implement a just-in-time strategy. This will help you minimise the amount of stock on hand for each product, reducing inventory carrying costs.

Additionally, Unleashed helps manufacturers understand their cost of goods sold – so you always know your true margins and can see which processes or products are affecting your bottom line.

3. Unmatched customer support

With 500+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot, Unleashed is the most trusted inventory management software provider on the market.

It’s easy to get set up and use Unleashed – simply select the onboarding plan that works for you and a dedicated Unleashed expert will work with you before, during, and after your go-live date. All users get access to phone, email, and live chat support in addition to extensive video guides and support documentation.

4. End-to-end supply chain and inventory visibility

Unleashed gives you accurate, real-time insights over all your stock movements so you can act quickly and make smarter business decisions. Know the precise location and quantity of all your inventory items as they travel along the supply chain, from production and distribution right through to sales.

5. Perpetual inventory management

The benefit of Unleashed being a perpetual inventory system is that your most important data is always up to date. That means no more overselling and underdelivering because stock records haven’t been updated when goods were last sold. You’ll have visibility of inventory counts at all times from wherever you are.

6. Total product traceability

Thanks to Unleashed’s serial number tracking and batch/lot number tracking, you can trace goods end-to-end – from raw materials and parts right through to the sale of finished goods.

Meet traceability compliance requirements for your products and effectively tackle product recalls whenever they arise to give you – and your stakeholders – peace of mind should things go awry.

7. Master multichannel retail

Bring all your sales channels together and sell wherever your customers prefer to shop. Unleashed is a multichannel order management platform that synchronises all your sales data from various online and offline channels. The outcome is an interconnected, cohesive view of how your business is doing.

8. Maximise cash flow and prevent stockouts

Cash flow is the lifeblood of the business – you need it to purchase inventory, pay bills, and deliver staff wages. Many companies struggle to sufficiently reduce their on-hand inventory volumes, leaving them high and dry with too much capital tied up in unsold stock.

Unleashed enables you to determine and set optimal stock levels for every product, reducing your inventory carrying costs and unlocking extra cash flow that can be reallocated to growing the business.

inventory optimisation dashboard

9. Improved customer satisfaction

Your customers will be grateful for faster order fulfilment (and shorter lead times), fewer picking and packing errors, and higher quality goods. Unleashed optimises your processes so you can complete customer orders faster with a greater degree of accuracy, which also means fewer returns and customer complaints to manage.

10. Accurate financial reporting

Unsold inventory at the end of the year will directly affect your reportable earnings, so you need to correctly calculate your ending inventory to avoid overstating or understating our taxable income come the end of the year.

Meet your legal obligations and keep your bookkeeper happy by tracking all your costs and revenue with Unleashed.

Core features of Unleashed software

Unleashed is an end-to-end inventory management system with powerful features for streamlining your most important workflows.

Here are some of the processes you can optimise with Unleashed:

  • Inventory management
  • Production management
  • Purchasing and supplier management
  • Multichannel sales order management
  • Software integrations
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Business reporting and analytics

Inventory management

Unleashed helps businesses track and manage inventory in real time to improve efficiency and bring stock-holding costs down.

With Unleashed inventory management software, you can:

  • Perform rolling stock takes without bringing the company to a standstill.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and errors with automated workflows.
  • Understand your inventory health at any time with real-time reporting.

Unlike most of our competitors, Unleashed also allows you to track stock across multiple warehouses at no extra cost – so you can build a centralised source of truth for the whole company.


Production management within Unleashed gives manufacturers a crystal-clear understanding of all their costs, manufacturing inventory, and assembly statuses.

Use Unleashed to build and manage single- or multi-level bills of materials that can be assembled and disassembled in the system to update stock levels across the business. With serial number and lot or batch number tracking features, you’ll also have full traceability for all your products.

Master your production planning with total clarity across your purchasing requirements and instantly see whether you have enough available goods to begin production.


With Unleashed, you can centralise key supplier information – including names, addresses, and pricing – and customise your documents per supplier.

You’ll also be able to streamline the entire purchasing process with automated reordering, demand-driven purchase order creation, and easy bulk ordering.

Add variable costs like freight or duties to maintain a precise record of your true stock costs and easily set the right price for every product. Purchase costs can be distributed automatically or manually for multiple items.

Supplier returns are also easier – simply select whether purchase costs are refunded or written off when returning goods and Unleashed will update your accounting software for fast reconciliation.

Multichannel order management

Bring all your sales orders from various channels under one roof – Unleashed acts as a multichannel order management system that synchronises stock levels to prevent stockouts and over-ordering.

Unleashed integrates with most major commerce platforms, including:

Order management within Unleashed gives sellers a complete sales system. Create and distribute sales quotes, convert them into sales orders with a single click, and manage backorders and returns from a single location.

If you’re selling business-to-business, take advantage of Unleashed’s popular B2B eCommerce platform. Give your B2B customers a seamless buying experience with a dedicated online store that enables you to keep selling out of office hours and reduces admin time for processing sales.


Unleashed is a cloud-based software system. That means you can easily integrate with other tools, such as your accounting or CRM platforms.

The benefits of integrating separate business systems are that you minimise data duplication while upping accuracy. The result is a single source of truth in your company that’s accessible from anywhere.

Connect to popular cloud accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks to export sales data in real time, or optimise customer management with integrations for Salesforce, Prospect CRM, and more.

Inventory optimisation

Unleashed’s latest add-on module, Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM), empowers businesses to make optimised purchasing decisions to avoid costly stockouts and overstock issues.

AIM detects the optimal minimum and maximum stock levels for each of your products and models future demand based on historical sales trends. This enables you to minimise the amount of physical inventory held in your storage facilities, freeing up cash flow and lowering your holding costs.

Watch this short video for a demonstration of how inventory optimisation works in Unleashed:

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Business intelligence

Spot trends and plan for the future, monitor your business KPIs, and dissect your data with advanced filtering to access powerful insights about your business. Compare reports and check order status all from within your Unleashed dashboard.

Unleashed’s Business Intelligence tools are designed to simplify inventory reporting and data analysis so that you can make informed decisions about the future of your company based on reliable information.

How much does Unleashed software cost?

Unleashed software is a subscription-based service currently available in three plan sizes: Medium, Large, and Large Plus. These can be paid monthly or annually – with a reduced cost for annual subscriptions.

There is also a small, one-off onboarding fee for new users to get you started. Our pricing can change from time to time, so visit the Unleashed Pricing page to view the most current prices.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you get with each plan:

  • Medium: 3 users; 125,000 API calls
  • Large: 8 users; 250,000 API calls
  • Large Plus: 20 users; 500,000 API calls

All plan sizes come with the core Unleashed features – so you can make the most of the best Unleashed functionality regardless of where you are in your business journey. Additional users and API call bundles can also be purchased at an extra cost if necessary.

If you require additional tools to help you grow, upgrade your Unleashed account with pay-to-use modules such as the Unleashed B2B Store, Advanced Business Intelligence, and Advanced Inventory Manager.

Getting started with Unleashed

Are you ready to supercharge your inventory management and start being more efficient in your daily operations? Start a free 14-day trial today or book a chat with one of our experts for an honest assessment of whether Unleashed is the right tool for your business.

Learn more about Unleashed software

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