May 13, 2016    < 1 min read

The Warehouse Transfers function in Unleashed enables you to view and manage your stock transfers in Unleashed.

Viewing and managing your warehouse transfers

Using this feature you can view all your transfers whether they are in a;

  • Parked or
  • Completed status

warehouse stock

By default, this page displays all of your open transfers.

See the Help File for more information.

Creating new transfers

From the Add Warehouse Transfers page you can add a transfer into Unleashed.

Add warehouse transfer


You can simply click on the Add button and select the warehouse you are transferring stock from, and transferring stock to, enter any comments, and finally add the product details.

You can then complete the transfer. Once you have completed your requirements, you can optionally print your transfers or delete them.

See the Help File for more information.