Using Order Management in the Unleashed Sales Module

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What is Order Management?

Order Management is a set of actions that you (the seller) can perform to ensure the goods are delivered to the customer in the most efficient way possible.

About Order Management in Unleashed

Unleashed’s Order Management provides you increased transparency to the order management process. You have more control to manage shipments in the warehouse by using one of the invoice, order and shipment statuses.

Using Order Management

This functionality provides you with an improved structure, because warehouse staff can update what is happening within the warehouse, and administration staff can access that information quickly and easily. Users can set and check order and shipment statuses, allowing you to keep customers informed at regular intervals.

Unleashed’s Order-Management functionality also enables you to manage a typical sales process from the administration level (creating an invoice, and an order/shipment and placing it), right through to the warehouse, where the invoicing and shipping process is carried out (Placed, Picking, Picked, Packed and Dispatched).

Note: Order-Management is turned off by default.

The below diagram demonstrates the Unleashed Sales Order Process with Order-Management turned off.


The below diagram demonstrates the Unleashed Sales Process with Order-Management turned on.


See Sales Overview Workflow examples for more information.

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