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A number of Unleashed’s reports can be used to track assembly costs. In these reports, the totals on the report pages now include the supplier costs in the total transaction value. The benefit is that this will provide companies with more accurate costs, along with a more detailed and comprehensive cost breakdown.

This screenshot displays the Transaction Enquiry of the Assembly cost that have been processed in Unleashed.

There are a number of valuable assembly cost reports available:

Costing Analysis Report
This report shows the impact the each transaction has on the cost of a product. Assembly costs are reflected in assembly transactions.

Transaction Enquiry
This report conveys a record of all transactions and their associated costs. The assembly costs are reflected in “Assembly In” transactions.

View Assemblies Page
This report allows you to print off details related to an Assembly. The Total Cost column now includes supplier costs in the calculation (if there are any). Our help file on assembly costs provides more information on this.

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