The Dormant Distillery Company: Seamlessly syncing sales channels, stock and accounts using Unleashed

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At Unleashed, we’re passionate about our integrations — they help businesses save 1000s of hours every week in time that was wasted manually entering data.

By linking up applications specifically designed for inventory management, accounting, POS, eCommerce and more, companies can create a single cohesive system which enables them to tackle complicated tasks such as multichannel selling with ease.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Stuart Smith from The Dormant Distillery Company on how they’ve built a cloud component solution that includes Unleashed, Xero, Magento and Vend to maximise multiple sales channels while keeping all their systems in sync.

The Dormant Distillery Company

Dormant's flagship Royal Mile Whiskies store
The Dormant Distillery Company is primarily and historically a specialist whisky retailer based in Scotland. Our main brand, Royal Mile Whiskies, covers all-things whisky: from entry-level malts to unusual and rare collectors’ pieces. In 2011 we launched our ‘Drinkmonger’ brand that also covers wine, beer and spirits.

The company was formed in 1998 with a single store on the iconic Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Today we have five retail stores across the UK, sell to customers worldwide via our website and have a rapidly growing B2B trade here in Scotland.

We’re also the proud winner of twelve Retailer of the Year awards from Whisky Magazine.

Moving to Unleashed

We didn’t adopt Unleashed because we have an inventory problem per se. Instead, we had an integration problem.

We are a retail business that ships globally. We have thousands of small transactions each week, across a wide range of different products: with varying taxes, shipping costs and discounts. Manually transferring all these transaction details to our accounting software was an arduous task.

Moving to Xero helped, but we couldn’t make the most out of the platform when our other systems weren’t integrated. We were still having to manually match up takings from multiple different channels, which was extremely time-consuming.

Our first priority when integrating our system was a new point of sale (POS) application for our retail stores. That led us to adopt Vend, who recommended that we look at Unleashed for our stock management.

Once we had signed up for a demo and trialed the software, we decided Unleashed was a good fit for the business.

The core of four components

Once we were up and running, it quickly became clear that Unleashed was going to form the backbone of our business. We could put Unleashed at the heart of our component solution, using it to link up Xero, Vend and our eCommerce platform, Magento.

One of the great benefits of the integrations in Unleashed is that there are built-in options to trigger data pulls and pushes if required. If there’s a problem with the sync, we can still ensure that everything runs smoothly.

A Drinkmonger in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Having all applications integrated with Unleashed has allowed much of the previous workload to be taken out of the equation, allowing more time to be freed up for other tasks. It has also enabled us to easily expand our wholesale operations with clear pricing structures, invoicing and seamless integration with Xero.

As with any non-bespoke system, there will always be limitations, especially with a business that has traditional retail, online and B2B operations running side-by-side, but we feel Unleashed has given us an effective cloud-based solution to integrate all these.

See all of Unleashed’s integrated apps on our add-on marketplace.

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