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Last week we hosted the inaugural Techapuna get together, a gathering of tech-based companies and organisations that call the greater Takapuna area home.

Attendees included well-established companies and start ups, representatives from ATEED and tertiary institutions: Massey University, Auckland University and Unitec.  Everyone was really enthusiastic about the advantages Takapuna offers businesses. Many mentioned how it’s surprisingly accessible: parking is cheaper than downtown and there are great bus routes from the CBD and a couple of people confirmed that they found the commute better from East Auckland to Takapuna, compared to previous locations in the CBD. But there has to be more than just accessibility to draw people here — the aesthetic and culture of Takapuna are a big plus.

Other than the positives of Takapuna’s location and facilities, much was made of the opportunity presented by having this rich community of Tech-focused companies. It’ll be interesting to see what comes from these get-togethers; there were a lot of important subjects that were touched on. One subject that particularly resonated was getting young people and their parents enthusiastic about the opportunities in Technology, especially programming. There’s a great opportunity for businesses and tertiary institutions to work together to foster this.

Information Technology is bigger and more dynamic in New Zealand than many people are aware. Word is starting to get out, but it’s something that we need to drive. Recruitment is often an issue when looking to get skilled people on board, and we need to do what we can now to encourage people into those fields so that we will have enough graduates coming through the ranks from New Zealand.

We thought the first event was really successful and hope that all of those who attended got some value from it. We’re certainly very keen to get involved with many of the fantastic ideas that were brought up at the event and look forward to the next one.

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