September 5, 2018      < 1 min read

Unleashed Software is launching a new integration with Prospect 365!

ProspectSoft is designed to give distributors and wholesalers visibility over their B2B sales. The team at Prospect 365 have developed the software to give users control and accurate information through the entire B2B product sales cycle.

Through this integration, users can extract valuable customer and inventory information to share with customer-facing teams, allowing them to generate quotes before pushing it straight through Unleashed to be confirmed.

How does it work?

Once users have set up the integration to ProspectSoft, they will have access to critical customer information. The CRM is automatically populated with records of existing customers and their purchase history, along with products, inventory levels, pricing and terms.

The powerful integration between ProspectSoft and Unleashed reduces repetitive manual work, speeds up information flow and increases accuracy so managers can make better business decisions.

Find out more about our latest integration with ProspectSoft.

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