Successfully Navigating a Product Recall with Inventory Management Software

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While no business wants to find themselves in the middle of a product recall, it’s a reality that all businesses must plan for. Of course, prevention should always be the immediate goal, but if a recall is required, the worst case scenario is to be caught without a clear strategy in place.
When it comes to performing recalls, success relies heavily on both strategy and implementation. Fortunately, good inventory management software provides a range of tools and solutions to help make a recall as painless as possible.
With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how inventory management software can help your business successfully navigate a product recall.

Access to accurate customer information

One of the key steps in a successful product recall is making contact with the affected customers. As your customer base forms the lifeblood of your business, it’s crucial that this part of the process runs smoothly.
Having access to accurate customer information is an absolute essential, and inventory management software can provide the database required to know the who, what and when of every transaction. This allows for quick and thorough action, something that greatly pays off when it comes to customer loyalty and confidence.

For businesses just starting out, it’s a good idea to ensure that the software you utilise from the start is capable of capturing, storing and organising a full and accurate database. Aside from the many other operational benefits this provides, if a product recall becomes necessary, you can be assured that the information you need is accessible and complete.

Supply chain visibility

Having the ability to access real-time supply chain information and data takes on new significance when dealing with recalls. In a nutshell, the more visibility and transparency that’s available, the more opportunities there are to ensure smoother processes, less surprises and the ability to make better business decisions.

While in some cases this may be possible to achieve without software, only software solutions can provide this in a cohesive, consistent and holistic way. And it’s these three things that are essential when processing a product recall of any kind.
As with utilising the database to contact customers, good software allows for the accurate tracking of all transactions and product movement. Without this, the chance of a recall being unsuccessful is greatly increased.

Barcode technology

With database accuracy and inventory visibility essential traits for successful recalls, barcode technology can be useful. Ultimately, if you’re utilising barcoding for all your products, items and stock, then you stand a much better chance of success if a recall is required.
The thorough use of barcoding, across all inventory, has been proven to increase stock accuracy and decrease the effects of human error. During recalls, this translates to more security for your business. If you can rely on your data, then you can trust the accuracy of your processes.

Utilise product recall prevention techniques

On an ongoing basis, prevention is definitely the best defence against product recalls. Utilising the automation and intuitiveness of good inventory management software solutions can help facilitate this beyond the capabilities of other methods.

Good inventory software allows the utilisation of batch tracking for product expiry dates and the use of serial number tracking for tracing high value components or products. These approaches, and others like them, can be fully programmed, providing a safeguard against avoidable product recalls.

Because not all recalls are avoidable, a solid and cohesive protocol should be in place from the start. It’s important to map out exactly how a recall will be handled, so when the time comes, you’re in the best position possible to achieve a prompt, successful and painless recall.


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