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Stepping Your Game Up: Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency

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In the ever-competitive manufacturing industry, optimising your supply chain management techniques is key to succeeding in the field. Business logistics involve strategic planning expertise and continuous improvements. Effective supply chain management enables faster client delivery times, shorter processing times, more efficient stock control, and saves your company money overall. Here are some ways your business can improve supply chain efficiency to ensure its running at its full potential.

Real-time inventory management

Transitioning to real-time stock control methods is a sure-fire way to stay on top of inventory levels and best prepare for future needs. Unlike traditional inventory management, up-to-date stock control enables your business to comprehensively understand and monitor inventory levels at all times, meaning less room for errors such as overstocking or stock outs. Not only does accurate data help with stock levels, but it can ensure no inventory is lost or expired in your warehouse. Flexible software will also cater for the growth of your business and offer clarity between suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors.

Prepare for continuous improvement

It’s common knowledge that for a business to succeed, it has to keep growing. This doesn’t just apply to sales or profit margins. The optimisation of supply chain management should constantly be improved as a business grows, with all factors of production supporting the optimisation of your supply chain. With a large number of variables, such as reliance on suppliers, upgrades in technology, growing customer demand, and adjustments in product specs, it is important that stock control methods are kept up to the task. Taking advantage of software that proactively initiates change when required will help keep data and algorithms up to date and ensure the most efficient method of supply chain control.

Internal transparency

When working with multiple external businesses such as that of a supply chain, increasing transparency is crucial for allowing clear communication networks and reaching demand targets. Avoiding product waste or mistakes is best tackled through effective supply chain management, where the inclusion of real-time product tracking and management of stock levels can resolve ordering issues. Similarly, internal supply chain management transparency can reduce lost or idle inventory and generally allow for more efficient running of your business.

Offload the task of stock purchasing

For companies seeing a large increase in demand and business size, automatic purchasing is essential to redirect employees to more pressing jobs. With effective supply chain management, real-time data can enable for automated purchasing when inventory levels reach a certain low-point. In terms of stock control, this is vital for keeping on top of varying supply usage rates. By offloading purchasing to an automated system, efficient inventory levels can be maintained without the worry of running out of stock. Especially for companies with large supply chains, this can save valuable time that could be put to use in other aspects of business.

Supply chain management is no small task when completed manually, but with automated and accurate inventory management software, this task can be efficiently managed. By optimising stock control and supply chain methods, time can be spent on other areas of business. Some ways to improve supply chain efficiency include using real-time data, continuously improving management techniques, increasing transparency within the business, and employing an automatic purchasing system to keep track of when stocks are running low and orders need placing.

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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