Southern Ropes Enjoys Smooth Migration from QuickBooks Commerce to Unleashed

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Southern Ropes, a rope manufacturer and marine supply store based in the UK, were previously relying on QuickBooks Desktop for all their accounting and inventory needs. But when Intuit announced they were sunsetting their inventory module, QuickBooks Commerce, the team at Southern Ropes were forced to find new software.

“They were shutting down our system this year, so we had to change,” says John Vulliamy, who runs sales, marketing, and inventory management at Southern Ropes. “We also needed an advanced inventory system [for the things we wanted to do in the future].”

John and the team heard about Unleashed’s superior reputation for great customer service and decided to take the leap. Unleashed Customer Success Leader, Amber Chaffe, sat down with John to find out how the software migration went.

“We went with Unleashed because it had great reviews for customer service,” John explains.

“It could do everything we wanted it to do. We deal a lot with multiple currencies. Unleashed handles that well.”

John and his team opted for FlightPath B, one of our popular onboarding service packages. He says the additional support and guidance made all the difference.

“The extra support was great. I’d send [our dedicated Unleashed onboarding consultant] an email nearly every day. He would answer very quickly every time. He’d make little [Loom] videos or call me up to talk me through it.”

“I would come to Mike with something our business needed and he would figure out how to do it.”

We asked John how life has been since migrating to QuickBooks alternative, Unleashed, for all their inventory management needs.

“We’re getting a lot more accurate results with our reports. Unleashed is doing more [than our previous software]. It’s like an F1 car compared with a normal car.”

He also adds that the continuous support he gets with the FlightPath B package is extremely helpful.

“I still get emails about upgrades we can do. It’s nice having that continuous support.”

Finally, Amber asked John what he’d tell business owners that need new inventory software but are reluctant to pull the trigger because they’re worried about how difficult it might be.

“If Unleashed has all the features your company needs, then don’t worry about the implementation and data import. The support team make it easy.”

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Article by Oliver Munro in collaboration with our team of specialists. Oliver's background is in inventory management and content marketing. He's visited over 50 countries, lived aboard a circus ship, and once completed a Sudoku in under 3 minutes (allegedly).

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