November 10, 2017      3 min read

Reducing costs in a small business is one of the many ways you can improve how effectively a small business operates. It’s important to take the time to step back and look at where you can make savings. By changing old techniques and implementing new strategies, you will not only see savings in the short-term, but progressive long-term profits. Doing your research and analysing where you can make changes is the first step.

Often small businesses turn to big ticket items. They want to take big costs and cut them, like their staff. Decreasing salaries and letting people go can indeed cut costs. However, they can also cut into company morale and work ethic too. In a small business, these changes can make a huge impact, but not always for the better of the employees. Instead, let’s consider simpler ways to reduce costs across a small business.

Get Rid of the Paper

Technology is in and paper is out. It’s antiquated, costly and becoming an overall burden as more and more business moves into the digital space. The days of paper, ink, and envelopes are coming to an end. Stock taking used to be done on sheets of paper. But with online inventory management, the software can calculate stock levels in real-time. Make things digital and see how the automation not only saves you money, but saves you time by streamlining processes like invoicing and bill payments. It’s much easier to file documents online than in a filing cabinet.

Hang up the Landline

Landlines are costly and old-fashioned. The modern work forces operate on mobile phones, which gives them constant access to information and the ability to be contacted in innumerable locations. The landline does not serve the same purpose as it used to, so why should you still be paying for it?

Embrace Streamlined Software

Rather than buying a software system to do invoicing, a software system to track inventory, and a software system that keeps all of your contacts and suppliers in order, try an online inventory management system. With an online inventory management system, a larger portion of software can be streamlined and can interact with different facets of the business. It allows different areas of the business to communicate and when everyone uses the same online inventory management system, they become proficient in that software.

Decrease Travel Expenses

Letting your employees work by telecommunication is a smart option to reduce employee’s transportation costs, leaving them with more money, and the business as well given it decreases the company’s utility costs. If there are big meetings in different locations, see if a virtual meeting system is available. Saving on air travel is a significant way to reduce costs for a small business also. More and more industries are implementing virtual meetings with telepresence options, so make sure you can be a part of this movement.

Engage in Social Media for Advertising

Using social media platforms is free and effective. Finding your target market is achievable and you can choose to pay for social media advertising if it suits your business. Either way, social media advertising will be much more cost effective than traditional forms, such as TV.

As a small business, reducing costs can open up new opportunities for your future success. It may seem that these changes are little at first, but they can all add up to make a big difference.

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