July 22, 2016    < 1 min read

You can show the breakdown of auto-assembled products on documents. You can to view a list of components used and their quantities inside an assembled product. And you can display this on a printout of sales orders, ship notes and sales invoices.

This is useful for:

  • Warehouse picking
  • Assembly and packing or
  • Other customer-related information.

How it works

You can now expand:

  • Order Lines
  • Ship Note lines
  • Packing Slip, and
  • Invoice lines (for products linked to an auto-assembly).

To make use of this feature, look for a column on the grid component of the Document Designer templates. The field is called “Component Products.

Document Designer 1

When printing any documents, use a template with the ‘Component Products’ column visible, then the expanded state is printed (i.e. the components shown underneath).