ShinDigger boosts inventory management efficiency for their brewing company

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Simple brewing beginnings

The seeds of ShinDigger Brewing Co were sown when founders Paul Delamere and George Grant started home brewing at the University of Manchester. With a loan from the government, they began shadow brewing. This means they didn’t actually own their brewery facilities. Instead, they developed their own recipes and brewed them on another brewery’s kit. Five years on, ShinDigger now operates out of one of Manchester’s thriving neighbourhoods.

Starting off as a small business, ShinDigger used many spreadsheets across different computers, and did all their accounting by hand. “As we grew and got more orders, it became an absolute nightmare to track,” recounts Paul. They started off using Xero for their accounting needs and realised they needed a complementary cloud-based inventory management system too.

A step towards efficiency

Moving on to Unleashed was the next step in making their brewery more efficient. “We have better stock management, less problems and mistakes, and a more accurate idea of our gross margins,” Paul explains.

As they have a complicated supply chain, ShinDigger relies on Unleashed for both their manufacturing and inventory needs. By assembling their products directly in Unleashed, they can keep track of all ingredients used and all the stock they’ve produced. Batch processing is important to them as it enables them to track ingredients through the supply chain, resulting in more accurate forecasts.

As they spend lots of time out and about distributing beer, they also rely on the Unleashed Mobile Sales App to take orders, manage orders and dispatch orders straight from their phone or iPad.

Since Unleashed is a cloud-based software, everyone at ShinDigger is able to access the software remotely, whether they’re delivering beers, or managing the warehouse. “Unleashed has enabled us to work better as a team and streamlined our business process,” says Paul.

“We can focus on growing the company rather than focus on the headache and pile of paperwork.”

Since using Unleashed, ShinDigger has grown approximately 300%. “Unleashed has become a fundamental part of our business operations. Without it, we would be really struggling to keep track of what we’re doing as a company and how we’re performing,” remarks Paul. ShinDigger is ready to tackle future growth knowing they have an efficient inventory management system under their belt.

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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