Press Release: Shopify adds powerful eCommerce inventory option to its App Store

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Shopify has added Unleashed to its App Store, giving eCommerce stores easy access to the powerful inventory management platform.

Shopify users that need a dedicated inventory app can now trial Unleashed for free through the App Store, and experience the software for themselves.

“The free trial option through Shopify really shows off to eCommerce sellers how beautifully these SaaS tools work together,” said Unleashed’s Head of Product Jarrod Adam.

“Transactions flow between the systems effortlessly, so stock levels are always up to date. It means an end to selling stock you don’t actually hold – and lets you manage inventory for all your sales channels from a single view.”

Shopify Inventory Management with Unleashed

Not every eCommerce business needs a dedicated inventory app, says Adam, as Shopify has functionality of its own. But for brick-and-mortar firms branching out into eCommerce – especially manufacturers adding an e-comm channel – a more sophisticated inventory system is a must.

Similarly, online platforms experiencing strong growth soon outgrow Shopify’s native tools as they add complexity.

“Lot tracking, product recalls, after-sales care, cost control – all of these things become more important as a business grows,” says Adam.

“It’s exciting to be in Shopify’s App Store. The products have a long track record of working well together – and we believe being featured in such a high-profile place will showcase the benefits of Unleashed to a whole new audience.”


Unleashed is a cloud-native inventory management software platform. Launched in New Zealand over ten years ago, it quickly became one of the world’s most trusted inventory management tools, and is used in more than 80 countries worldwide. Unleashed was purchased in 2020 by the Access Group, which provides business management software to over 47,000 organisations.

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