Partner Success Series: Michael Tedman from I Count Beans on partnering with Unleashed

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“We always had an interest in finding the best add-on software to Xero,” says I Count Beans director Michael Tedman.

Michael’s accounting firm operates across Australia using a fully online model. They have clients across construction, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, ecommerce, retail, hospitality and more – and offer the full range of taxation, bookkeeping and advisory services – as well as helping clients with their technology.

“Xero is a very good core accounting system,” he says. “But it’s not a specialist in all the different areas you need. We had some clients in the manufacturing industry, for example, that wanted to have better stock management processes, and get a real true cost of stock.”

“So we started looking for inventory management programs. We came across Unleashed and Unleashed was by far the best for our manufacturing clients – and also for our warehousing clients.”

How I Count Beans approaches software referral

Finding the right technology for a business can take a lot of research, and Michael sees their position as a trusted advisor adding a lot of value for his clients – both in recommending the right products and helping the business transition their processes.

“I see our role as being someone who understands the technology; understands how the software can fit particular business owners.”

In an environment where many of his clients are experiencing rising costs and shortages of both raw materials and labour, Michael says that conversations about the ROI of technology comes down to efficiency – and what value-add a tool can bring to a business.

“A really good inventory management program like Unleashed – which gives the owners the ability to see the true value of their stock – and their sales data; what products are selling more than others – understanding that information gives them the opportunity to make the best decisions.”

With many countries potentially moving into recession and with labour costs rising, Michael says that even more than ever, businesses need to know where their money is going, and where the performance and efficiencies are in their business.

“If you don’t invest in software like Unleashed you’re just not going to know those real numbers, and you can’t respond quickly. I think it’s really important to have good systems that can save you money.”

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