Magnum Bikes Takes the Easy Path to Success with Unleashed’s B2B Portal

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For US-based Magnum Bikes, the Unleashed B2B Store is a key part of their sales model and helps them excel in one crucial aspect – the customer experience.

As their Director of B2B, Joshua Poll, says: “The most important thing to me is the customer experience – for our dealers to be able to go in and see product availability and place an order.”

Here Joshua unpacks Magnum’s success with the B2B Store: how much time it saves, the features he likes the most, and how it fits into their sales model – plus the answer to what the single biggest benefit of the B2B Store is.

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15–25 hours of admin saved every month

The Unleashed B2B Store doesn’t just save Magnum time from manual order entry. Much of the time saved actually comes from post-sale communications. As Joshua says:

“If I was to do an average order of eight bikes – let’s say for a dealer – it’ll probably take me about 4 minutes to input that into Unleashed; it probably takes 60 seconds in the B2B portal.  

“We would normally go in afterwards and say, “It’s shipped – I’m going to send them an email. It’s been approved – I’m going to contact them or call them.   

“So when you take that into account, you’re talking about 10–15 minutes all up in time saved [per order]. The system does all this automatically – it doesn’t take any time through the portal.”  

The single biggest benefit? Well, actually there are two

When asked to identify the single biggest benefit of the B2B Store, Joshua can’t get it down to one: “There are two things,” he says, “so I hate to take your question asking for a singular answer and make it more difficult.” 

Instead, he identifies two, the first one more obvious, and the second more surprising.  

1) A clean, neat and easy portal for customers to order online  

First off, the obvious one – a big benefit is that customers can self-serve in an easy, clean way:

“There’s the fact our customers can self-serve with product availability in a very clean, neat, easy fashion that everyone’s used to by now, and order online.” 

product listing on b2b ecommerce store

2) The B2B Store is a “one-stop shop” for customer resources  

Joshua says the other most exciting thing about the B2B Store is that it contains all the information our dealers need – so it becomes their one-stop shop:

“I was visiting a dealer about 3 months ago and they pulled up documents for about 20 different vendors. And you know what they had for Magnum? One line. It had a contact number, email and the B2B portal, because customers have everything they need here – spec sheets, warranty, product guides, service videos, or service information. 

“Go back 18 months, and we were sending all these links out individually by email as requested to our dealers, and now we have a true source of truth – a dealer support system. When we have a change or a promo, we add it here. It’s all right there. So we have one-stop shop.”

A prime platform for promotions

Because the store has become a one-stop shop for customers, it’s also become a prime location for promoting products: 

“The very first thing the customer sees when they sign in is whatever we want it to be. 

“If we want them to know about a pre-order for a Mid-Drive Vertex and Pilot [bike], we change the banner. If we want them to know we have new marketing materials, we can put it in front of them early by giving them resource and sales support through their portal.” 

B2B ecommerce store for e-bikes

Customisation – without the extra hassle

Joshua’s favourite feature in the B2B Store is that he can build a custom catalogue for each account to show off information tailored to a specific dealer:

“My new favourite feature is that I can build a custom catalogue for a specific dealer. So if I go and add that and act as this customer, I can build a catalogue and use this as my presentation. I don’t have to go build a PowerPoint or a deck. 

“I can send them a link to their store and show them the store as we go, hitting their entire product listing for that specific business, because there are different needs. For example some businesses don’t need access to our entire USA inventory. ”

The perfect tech stack

Magnum has selected best-in-breed software integrations to build a tech stack to suit their needs, right from eCommerce through to accounting:  

The B2B Store complements Shopify so they have both B2B and D2C eCommerce covered: 

“We have Shopify plugged into our website,” Joshua says, “That’s for D2C, while all of our B2B wholesale business runs through Unleashed, the majority of it through the portal.”

And on the CRM side of things, Joshua loves that he can plug Prospect straight into Unleashed to get all the customer analytics he needs:  

I love it. Both of these systems we’ve integrated, started, and built out with simplicity and transparency. The fact that they’re a seamless integration for the things we want and now we have a CRM to keep customer and dealer data – it’s priceless.”  

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