Which Industries are Reaping the Benefits of Cloud-based Software?

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With so many benefits of cloud software, no wonder industries around the world are adopting cloud-based software. The opportunities with the cloud are vast and can apply to a wide variety of needs. Here are just a few of the industries that are experiencing the benefits of cloud-based software.


The healthcare industry is bombarded with sensitive data daily. Patient history and medical records consume hospitals and doctors’ offices. Retrieving medical records is often a cumbersome task. For instance, if a patient is scheduled an appointment for Tuesday morning, someone would be responsible for pulling out the patient history prior to their arrival. Think of dusty, windowless rooms, with files stacked to the ceiling. For the healthcare industry, the reality of thumbing through manila folders in a filing closet, hoping to get away without a paper cut was all too real.

However, the cloud has been able to change the way healthcare facilities manage their patient data. Moving from paper files to computer-based records was the first step. Now, the data has been integrated into the cloud. It allows the healthcare industry to share and send medical information safely and efficiently. If there is a patient referral, this information can be found easily and passed on quickly. This gives healthcare professionals more time with their patients and less time on administration.


Cloud-based software have changed the way rooms can be booked. From luxury hotels to holiday home rentals to youth hostels, the cloud is there. The cloud can store information to centralise reservations, manage housekeeping, and host an online booking system. Rooms can be booked from a variety of third-party channels and sync with the main calendar. The cloud allows the hotel to have inventory control across multiple platforms, and can enhance customer experience by making room bookings and hotel check-ins more seamless. Not only will the cloud support the room inventory control, but it will also increase efficiencies throughout the entire facility.

Real estate

The real estate industry is constantly changing. With cloud-based software, agents, brokers and companies can stay up-to-date with real-time changes. Information about houses and commercial buildings can be easily accessed with the cloud. Agents can keep tabs on bookings and contracts with this real-time information. They can also stay in touch with clients and have certainty about availability with up-to-date inventory control systems.

If a house is under offer or has recently been sold, the information will become available almost immediately. Agents will be able to stay ahead of the curve when closing deals. In the real estate industry, time is money. The cloud speeds up processes and can help with all processes of the real estate buying and selling journey.


Schools are reaping the benefits of cloud-based software to educate students. One of the key features of the cloud is its affordability. Often, schools have budget cuts and minimal funding. This tightens the options on how to improve teaching strategies. However, the cloud is affordable. It lets students keep information in one place. It also allows teachers to send out assignments from one centralised location. Teachers and students can both greatly benefit from the cloud.

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