December 5, 2017    3 min read

Reducing the costs in your Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is a way to fast track business process improvement. Implementing the right cost reduction strategies and techniques can result in immediate savings and can affect long term profitability. It’s crucial to understand that reductions in costs can come in various ways.

Evaluate your profit and loss statement

First and foremost, assess your business structure and identify elements that your business spends the most on. This can be anything from pProduction, mMarketing and advertising, through to financing, administrative costs and facilities upkeep. A rule of thumb is to assess your profit and loss statement for the last six months. Execute a ranking system whereby you rank all your expenses from high to low. This enables you to identify areas where you can reduce costs. A strategy here is then you can prioritise the development of cost-saving initiatives where your business can receive the largest return.

Reduce costs with these strategies

Identify unnecessary costs and eliminate these. Focus on efficiency and productivity and ensure your workers are not wasting time on manual tasks. If they are it’s time to get automated with cloud software that caters to your business’ specific needs such as downloadable inventory software systems. You can also prioritise bulk ordering, this is a lot cheaper than smaller frequent orders. Furthermore, negotiate with suppliers and seek out alternatives to higher priced resources and ask suppliers for better payment conditions, terms and/or discounts. However be careful not to jeopardise quality here at the same time.

Get online

If you are not on the internet you are missing out on potential cost savings. This can be from marketing initiatives, such as blogging, to having an online portal where you can create another market space to sell your products. With new technological advances, it’s easier than ever to get online and get the ball rolling.

Rethink your software packages

Software as a service, also known as SaaS, is a cost effective alternative to a myriad of software packages that need to be frequently updated or renewed. This is especially the case if you have an in-house server that requires a lot of attention compared to being with a service provider through the cloud. Specifically downloading inventory software now compared to later will help you stay organised and reduce costs later on. This notion of SaaS and inventory software saves money in IT infrastructure. Also, it offers peace of mind as data can be stored in the cloud. So if anything were to happen to your building and place of business, all your data will be secure as it is attainable with an internet connection and a device to access your data.

By implementing these simple tips and techniques, you turn them into cost reducing strategies to increase long term profitability in no time. First and
foremost, start at the basics, evaluate your profit and loss statement and pin point any great costs that could be reduced. Furthermore, get automated with SaaS and download inventory software systems that help increase efficiencies, decrease arduous manual labor and in turn effectively reducing costs. In addition, get online if you are not already – you are missing out on a huge potential profit maker that is more cost effective than you think. With technological advances today, there are more ways now to reduce costs for SMEs.

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