How Montana Colors Australia took control of sales with the B2B eCommerce Store

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Utilising online B2B sales systems is an easy way to drastically reduce the time you spend punching numbers into a computer instead of growing your business.

Here’s Ben Morton from MTN Australia on how their team used the Unleashed B2B Store to stop time-consuming admin tasks detracting from their marketing and direct sales, and took back control of their day.

At Montana Colors Australia, we have a simple aim. We want to stimulate a healthy arts industry in Australia, acting as a core part of the culture as the leading supplier of graffiti products in our community.

We supply a wide range of different aerosols, as well as markers, inks, paints and accessories. Our main customers are retail stores, but our end users are graffiti artists, street artists and fine artists — as well as DIY devotees who need our paints for a specific task such as painting a dolls’ house.

We sell to various retailers across Australia, as well as direct to customers online via Shopify and out of our showroom here in Marrickville, New South Wales.

B2B burden

Before moving to the Unleashed B2B Store, our wholesale ordering process was pretty inefficient.

We had to send out emails to our customers with Excel sheets they could fill in and send back to us. Our team would then enter the details from the sheets directly into Unleashed manually.

Entering each order into the system took between 30 minutes and an hour. On a good day, we’ll process up to 10 orders — if the majority of those are from retailers, then we’ll have to spend the whole day on data entry. We’re only a small team, so the time burden was only going to get worse as sales order volume grows.

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Saving time

We’d already been able to make our operations much more efficient and our workflows much easier to manage using Unleashed. With the release of the B2B eCommerce Store, we saw an opportunity to do the same for our wholesale processes.

The Store enabled our B2B customers to place orders themselves, using a far more intuitive platform than an Excel sheet. They can view our wholesale price directly on the Store, to see precisely what they’ll be paying for each product. And we can categorise our large product range to make it much easier for B2B customers to find the products they’re looking for.

But best of all, the B2B Store syncs seamlessly with Unleashed — with very little setup required on our end. The process of entering order details into Unleashed has been fully automated, saving us hours each day. And the errors that used to crop up in our B2B orders have been eliminated for good.

Tending to the tasks that matter

Now that we’ve saved several hours of admin from our day-to-day tasks, we’re able to focus on our marketing and our direct sales to the Australian market. We used to be struggling to keep up with the orders coming in. Now we can plan ahead.

Our aim is to be known as the best distributor for products in the graffiti industry in Australia. It’s why we based ourselves in the inner west, where graffiti culture is most vibrant.

Adopting Unleashed and the B2B Store has helped us make a big step towards achieving that aim. It’s given us the opportunity to be a lot more progressive in the market, it’s freed up our time to be a lot more efficient and it’s reduced the number of errors in our orders.

Try the B2B Store for free.

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