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Hilditch & Key have been long time residents on London’s Jermyn Street. The shirt making company started in 1899, when shirt makers Charles F. Hilditch and W. Graham Key, decided to open their own shop. Despite its long tradition, Hilditch & Key aren’t in the business of preservation. They have been silently evolving their collections to suit the modern man who appreciates style and quality craftsmanship.

Hilditch & Key continue to operate out of Jermyn Street in London, have a strong presence in Rue de Rivoli in Paris, and run a thriving eCommerce channel.

Struggling with the extremes of inventory control

Hilditch & Key suffered from two major inventory problems that were placing a strain on their time and resources.

Products ran out of stock frequently, making it challenging to manage multiple sales channels. For example, their stock on hand was not accurately reflected in their online store, meaning that their online customers were purchasing shirts, ties, pants and more that the warehouse didn’t have in stock! On the other extreme, they struggled with overstocking products.

As much as businesses should be concerned about missing out on sales, it should also be focused on operating efficiently and keeping inventory costs under control.

Hilditch & Key cut costs and inefficiencies

Scott Hale, IT systems manager of Hilditch & Key, started investigating cloud-based inventory management systems that would help better their inventory control.

Initially, they were using SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud ERP solution that they found inefficient for their business process. Most importantly, it did not integrate with their accounting or point of sale software.

With Unleashed helping Hilditch & Key across different business processes like tracking sales, reporting on profit margins, and conducting annual stock takes, they were able to run their business efficiently while also reducing costs.

“We’ve reduced stock outs by 50% and over stock by 30%.”

Better visibility over their stock on hand meant that their understocking issues were also resolved. Now, they are able to use the bin allocation function for their warehouse staff to pick stock for their online sales orders.

Their processes are now more efficient, saving 35 hours of work a week with Unleashed and cutting down 15% of administrative costs.

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