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Customer satisfaction is a fundamental part of a successful business. There are a variety of tactics to achieve customer satisfaction, however, how does a business know their customers are satisfied? How do they measure their efforts and gauge how well they are doing? Customer satisfaction can be measured through various customer service surveys or measurement tools. These tools are effective ways to assess the multifactorial components of satisfaction. The results provide businesses with the ability to look at how well their staff are performing in the eyes of customers. It also allows them to look closer at how loyal and happy their customers are with their company’s products and interactions.

Taking measurements on customer satisfaction is a reliable way to gauge how a business is doing over time. In addition, it helps identify gaps and areas of improvement for customer satisfaction. The next question is: how do you improve customer satisfaction? It’s necessary to enhance the customer experience through a multitude of approaches to increase customer satisfaction.

Make the most of digital platforms

Business to business marketing harnesses the power of email to reach customers and increase profits. Email can be used for customer satisfaction, as well as marketing. Keep communication going with customers by sending through emails with topical webinars, useful resources, and applicable sites.

Social media is another avenue to gauge customer satisfaction. Statistics show that people are using their mobile phones up to 150 times a day. You can use social media to look out for complaints and compliments surrounding your business. Products that are unpopular on social media platforms may need further assessment back at the warehouse. Going through your inventory stock and analysing issues surrounding feedback is an option to improve customer satisfaction. If customers note a defect, you can check other products in your inventory stock to make sure they aren’t faulty as well. Conversely, if a product is extremely popular on social media, it may pay to increase the levels of this product in your inventory stock. Paying attention to social media can help you predict trends, solve problems and enhance customer satisfaction.

Use the right measurement tool

There are many measurement tools out there today. The right customer satisfaction measurement tool will depend on the type of business and the service or product you are providing. The Net Promoter Score is very helpful measurement that can be applied on a global scale. The measurement is very transferrable and it can be used across any business or industry around the world.

The Customer Effort Score focuses more on customer loyalty. There is also the basic customer satisfaction metric which yields simplicity but not much predicative power. Depending on what you are trying to improve will determine the best metric for you to leverage customer satisfaction improvements.

Look closer at customer retention mistakes

No business is impervious to unsatisfied customers. Unfortunately, losing customers is part of business. However, there are common customer retention mistakes that need to be addressed. Often, customer satisfaction fails to improve if you ignore customer feedback. Whether this comes in a formal metric, an e-mail, phone call, or in person, it should be taken into account. However, when customer feedback is received it is often taken too personally. Feedback needs to be taken objectively and analysed from a business perspective, not from an emotive, personal standpoint.

Lastly, a common mistake is asking customers to fill out a lengthy, dull feedback survey. Customers might become disenchanted with a long survey. Minimise the length and engage the customer in order to gain the best feedback and enhance customer satisfaction.

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