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Interested in our latest Xero enhancements?

Based on great customer feedback, we’ve been working on enhancing Unleashed to help increase efficiency in your business. You’ve asked us for additions that will make a difference in your day-to-day operations, so here are some new small but mighty enhancements that your team will love.

Filter by sellable products

When you’re managing raw materials, finished goods and everything in between, searching for a specicfic finished product can be a challenge.

If you were brewing and selling beer, you’d manage your materials like bottles, caps, cartons and kegs in Unleashed. You’d also be managing the finished products too. Searching for specific finished goods among the many listed items can be a struggle.

unleashed enhancement

You can now list products as “sellable” so you can filter your search to display only finished goods in Unleashed. You will also be able to report solely on sellable items without raw materials skewing your results. Furthermore, your sales team will be able to see sellable items on the Unleashed sales app. Sellable items can be added to sales orders and sales quotes by enabling the sellable toggle.

Watch this video to learn how to set up sellable products in Unleashed.

Set minimum order levels for purchasing

The last thing you want when purchasing materials to fulfil your production and sales backlog is any delay to the purchasing process. A common problem you’ve let us know about is when your supplier orders bounce back because you haven’t met their required order quantities. If you know the minimum amount you need to order from your supplier, you can now add that to products in Unleashed. If you try to place an order lower than the required order quantity, Unleashed will prompt you to purchase the minimum amount instead.

For example, you try to order 50 bottles from your supplier but they only sell a minimum quantity of 100 bottles per order. When you place the order, Unleashed can prompt you to order 100 bottles ensuring you don’t waste valuable time going back and forth on the order.

Set default Delivery Method and Sales Order Group

Time is money when it comes to processing sales, so we’ve added more options for your team to complete these quicker. You can now select a default Delivery Method and Sales Order Group for each customer. Your selected defaults will automatically be populated on each sales quote and sales order created for the customer, making it one less thing you have to fill out to complete a sale!

unleashed enhancement sales group

Watch this video to see how to set this up for your customers.

View sales channel column

Successful multichannel retailing involves more than simply listing products on a variety of sales channels; it requires efficient inventory control too. How else will you know which sales channel is performing best, or where to best allocate stock to meet demand?

When viewing sales orders, you now have the option of showing the sales channel column, which will display an icon to group sales orders based on where they have been created.

unleashed enhancement sales channel

This feature lets you see how each sales channel is performing, allowing you to make better business decisions. Without this visibility, you risk running out of stock, losing out on sales, and delaying order fulfilment.

Watch this video to see how to view your sales channel column.

Better stock variance reporting

After you’ve counted your stock, you might notice that what you’ve counted doesn’t reflect what’s in Unleashed. This is known as a stocktake discrepancy. There are various reasons why they happen but you can use Unleashed to help you manage them.

Previously, you could only print a pdf version of your stocktake variance report and now, you can print the report in a .csv file format so that you can easily work with the data across platforms.

These are just a few of the many features and enhancements we’ve done this year. Check out our feature timeline to see more!

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