Designer and manufacturer The Pillow Collection embraces efficient cloud-based inventory management system with Unleashed

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Now into its fifth year, The Pillow Collection designs and manufactures designer throw pillows for sale through online channels all over the world. Karl Tager, one of the owners of The Pillow Collection, comes from a background of interior design. Karl and his team saw a void in the marketplace. This challenged them to take interior design fabrics to make luxurious throw pillows at an everyday price for an everyday customer.

The Pillow Collection places a heavy emphasis on quality. There might be millions of pillows out there, but not all of them are American-made quality products with fine designer fabric. “We’re all about quality and providing a great product at a very fair price,” says Kyle.

Fragmented business systems

Although they are a relatively new company, The Pillow Collection keeps growing year on year. In their first year alone, they sold over 30,000 pillow. Due to their rapid growth, they were challenged to maintain and manage all their orders from different channels. “There’s so much that has to happen in between taking that order and getting it out the door,” explains Kyle.

“It’s saved us a great deal of time. A lot of double-entry has been reduced, probably saving us hours.”

As an ecommerce business, selling and shipping products are both two equally important components to the business. However, The Pillow Collection was using fragmented systems to manage their businesses; information rarely flowed through their software smoothly. To remedy that, they looked into various cloud-based inventory management software. Kyle said, “it was critical to bring in a system that was robust enough, such as Unleashed.”

Cloud-based inventory aids manufacturing

The Pillow Collection goes through thousands of orders a week. Since implementing Unleashed, they can respond quickly as the system is designed to enhance their business processes and flow, from managing fabric and items, purchasing, to making a sales order.

Unleashed Software allows Kyle and his team to handle their manufacturing process more effectively through a Bill of Materials. As a manufacturer, it is important that The Pillow Collection separates out raw materials from finished items. Getting a true metric on material yield saves them thousands of dollars, and time. “It’s a complete system and it beautifully speaks to our back-end accounting system,” exclaims Kyle.

Using Unleashed, staff at The Pillow Collection save a great deal of time with an efficient inventory management system in place. This frees up time for them to spend on growing the business instead of worrying about their stock.

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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