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Mobile has changed the way we work, socialise and access information and particularly how we do business.

With significant growth in the adoption of mobile technology in the workplace, the tangible benefits of a mobile-enabled business are being realised. From increased productivity to greater responsiveness to clients that exceed customer service expectations.

What is a mobile-enabled sales team?

Mobile-enabled companies take a systematic approach to help their sales teams prepare for face-to-face interactions with prospective clients and to engage effectively with their audience on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets wherever they are, helping to close sales faster.

A mobile-enabled sales team has access to a growing number of innovations from simple content navigation and quick multi-touch interfaces, to strong video, 3D animations and the easy to interpret visual data offered by BI dashboards.

Your team of mobile-enabled sales reps have the benefits of powerful data and analytics at their fingertips to rapidly interpret and optimise sales performance. With the ability to capture and identify rich customer insight, sales and marketing managers can make informed data-driven decisions, refining campaigns to empower sales teams and improve customer engagement.

It also has some of the benefits of the cloud. Any updates made to the system by an individual team member will reflect on the apps of other team members. Information is shared in real-time between sales teams, improving the collaboration of employees who regularly work remotely.

Benefits of mobile-enabled sales teams

Mobile-enabled sales teams are more responsive — tablets and smartphones are giving sales teams the ability to more readily respond to customer needs. With email, SMS and real-time notifications for sales requests, important account activity and access to mobile CRM solutions, your sales team are better informed.

With a tablet or other mobile device, sales reps can connect with colleagues and clients from anywhere without the need for anyone to visit the office. Orders and quotes can simply be accessed using the mobile-enabled sales app from a mobile device.

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Staff have access to all your important documents while they are on the move. Mobile-enabled sales reps can easily search an entire database for information on the go, with the ability to drill down into detailed data with the tap of a finger. Because all your information is in the cloud, mobile-enabled staff have all the necessary product images and information to show clients and access to all they need to complete and place orders immediately.

Mobility is one of the most effective ways for sales teams to streamline their operations for greater productivity. Daily functions become easier to perform and with greater efficiency, through fast access to customer data, automatically captured in the CRM, sending follow-up emails or posting to social media becomes a simple task.

Sales staff can now engage with customers and present information to them in a whole new way.

Stay competitive

To generate greater opportunities and enable sales staff to dedicate more time to customer interactions, mobile sales applications are a must-have tool for any organisation seeking a competitive edge.

Mobile-enabled sales have freed sale teams from time-consuming, unproductive activities. Sales teams are no longer confined to the office making cold calls or waiting for marketing leads to follow up on. The reduction of administrative tasks and content generation provides sales and marketing teams more time to increase and optimise personal interactions with their existing clients and potential new customers.

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