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From working with Xero early on in our development plans last year, we made a very clear goal to release two options of Unleashed to ensure you, the client, had options for the best inventory fit and pricing for your business requirements. The releases being Unleashed (released in July 2010) and Unleashed Professional due for release early next quarter. We have enjoyed amazing feedback on Unleashed around how it looks and functions. Alongside Xero it is an easy-to-use but powerful tool for small businesses with stock.

Based on wanting Unleashed to fit the exact needs of the smaller business, we are continually upgrading features – some big, some small. We will keep you updated on what has gone in through messages in Unleashed but below is a list of just some of the things we are working on for targeted release in October / November;

–          The ability to allocate stock for pending sales has popped up as being very important for our users. Soon you will be able to enter Parked Sales Orders which will then come off available stock as compared to stock on hand. This will allow you to easily see / order stock required for open orders etc plus not oversell etc

–          Soon you will be able to add supplier invoice numbers for both purchases and costings which will then show in Xero along with your Purchase Order Number. This backed up with tax flags and foreign currency costings means you can accurately capture every kind of cost of obtaining your inventory. This will help accurate average costs meaning accurate margin reporting

–          User notes will allow you to see who did what transaction for audit purposes

–          The ability to export data, amend it and re-import it is on the way. Great to help with any mistakes made during data setup when going live

–          Negative stock balances. This is a biggie which we have mused over for some time as it’s so easy for users to make a mess of inventory if allowed. However, based on wanting Unleashed to be flexible for you (especially for those making sales on stock yet to be purchased) we will be adding both functions and reporting for negative stock. (maybe November though as it’s a tricky one)

–          In case your stock values between Unleashed and Xero accidentally come un-done, we will adding a Xero Reconciliation screen to instantly show you exactly what happened. No more painful manual reconciliations!

–          Auto purchase creation off sales orders where stock is required to speed up order processing

–          Reporting on sales by sales person to help with commissions and performance reporting

–          Sales margin and profit detail during order creation to help prevent naughty orders and pricing

–          Lite assembly. One of the key features requested were functions to help the small manufacturer assemble goods quickly. Full production will be in Pro however we are looking to add a quick assembly screen similar to stock adjustment in the near future

–          And for those Partners out there, you will soon be able to purchase your Unleashed license packs from your Partner Environment

Note we are also working steadily on integration with Vend (online point of sale), GeOp (mobile workforce management) plus Dreamus, Zencart and Shopify (e-commerce platforms) – this is in addition to our completed integration with Magento. We know that Unleashed is just the inventory piece of your SaaS Solution and will look at integrating with any software application relevant to your business other pending our API release early next year. Remember, we hate double keying and the need for annoying spreadsheets, especially where inventory is involved!

Please don’t hesitate to ask re features for your business. Whereas we don’t want to add all features know to man, as we want to keep Unleashed simple, we will always look at requests to benefit the masses.

And just to clarify a little on the Unleashed Professional release (as we have MANY people eager for it), below are just some of the key functions. Remember it is only a few months away and will be offered for just a small flat monthly fee of around $90.

–          Manufacturing options (Bill Of Material, Production Orders and Assembly)

–          Forecasting options (Automated Re-Order to Sales Forecast, MRP)

–          Full multi-company / warehouse / bin

–          Product batch / serial / expiry date / FIFO date control

We can add you to the mailing list if you want to stay updated on the Pro release. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions on functions etc – we are just a click away!

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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